Moving Ahead Services Appreciates your Reviews

In the moving industry, reviews are particularly important. After all, this is a service provider you are entrusting to handle all of your possessions, and that you will welcome into your home! For our team at Moving Ahead Services, reviews have played the most important role in how our business has grown and changed over the years. As household goods and communication means have evolved over the years, customers providing feedback has been a major part of how we have formed our best practices. It takes time to leave reviews, and for that we are appreciative of the time and effort for every single review our customers provide.

Below you will find some of our moving company reviews from Moving Ahead Services customers, left on our website and across popular review platforms on the web. Review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp provide non-biased, timely means of leaving feedback and details for your unique moves. As a service provider, these platforms allow us a way to see honest feedback in real time.

For information on how to leave moving company reviews, general questions and more – please contact our offices today!

An invaluable part of what we do as a moving service provider comes from you, our customer! Our moving company reviews and feedback are what we have used to continually grow and evolve to best fit the needs of our customers. Our business participates in several review platforms, such as Angie’s List, Google, Facebook, and The Better Business Bureau.

Moving Company Reviews

Angie’s List Reviews

Angie’s List requires a membership to view reviews (non-members can still provide feedback). For Moving Ahead Services, Angie’s List customers have provided feedback and continually utilize our team of professionals for their home and office moving needs.

Moving Ahead Services has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for our hard work and dedication each year since 2010. Our reviews, community standing, customer service, and licenses are all taken into account when being chosen for this award. Even if you are not an Angie’s List member, take comfort in our success and dedication to providing the best moving services.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau offers information for businesses and consumers to make educated purchasing decisions, and Moving Ahead Services has received an A+ Rating since joining almost a decade ago. Our commitment to providing fair, efficient service has been the foundation of our growth and success.

To submit a review to the Better Business Bureau, visit their website and follow the steps to locating a business in their easy to navigate search features. The Better Business Bureau often follows up with reviews as well to ensure accuracy and honesty.

Google Reviews

Google provides an easy way to locate a business, as well as read reviews and share feedback of your own. Both our Columbus and Cleveland offices have a Google page that can be visited for information, our latest blogs, and even directions to our office. Reviews on Google are publicly displayed and have been a huge contributor to our overall success and growth. Each review we receive is taken into consideration for future development and success.

Facebook Reviews

Facebook allows for users to publicly post comments and recommendations directly on an organization or company’s Facebook page. Our Facebook page for Moving Ahead Services has a section to select a star rating, as well as leave comments about your move! Visitors can also see past comments, current events, and moving photos on our Facebook page.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp is often thought of as a platform for dining reviews, but our customers have utilized it for years to leave us feedback from their moves. Yelp users can leave feedback that is then categorized by Yelp as helpful or not. We can also communicate with our customers directly through the Yelp review platform!