Quick Tips on Moving and Your Utilities!

When you begin to plan a move, it is important to prepare and update all of your utility files:  electric, gas, water, cable, and more. Here are some quick tips on moving and your utilities.

Before you leave your current home, be sure to notify the local utility companies to ensure that they update your records to reflect the service ending date on your accounts. This will also provide an opportunity to update the address with your utility provider that your final bill will be sent to.

Once you arrive at your new home, you will also contact the proper utility providers and update their records to reflect your name and contact information for the address. It is important to do this even if you are renting, although you may not typically contact providers of water and sewage because that will generally stay under the landlord/homeowner’s name. When you first begin receiving bills, expect to see a type of new account or connection fee, but be sure to check each bill for accuracy! If you have questions, reach out to customer service for thorough explanations of the charges.

In addition, keep in mind that some utilities, such as electric, are often estimated, so it is a good idea to call in and work with customer service to read the numbers off of the meter to ensure you are not being overcharged. Certain individuals may use more or less, and the estimates do not account for the new occupants!

As always, it is our goal at Moving Ahead Services to provide as much information as possible to our customers and friends. By following these quick tips on moving and your utilities, you can simplify the moving process for yourself. Keep in touch and let us know if you have any topics you’d like to see covered in the future.


Mother’s Day at Moving Ahead Services!

Mother’s Day at Moving Ahead Services

Nothing says ‘I love you, Mom’ like a practical and useful array of services! Sometimes giving the gift of time and work is just not possible with busy, everyday schedules. Visits should be enjoyed and not spent toiling over task lists. Give our offices in Cleveland or Columbus a call to schedule the best gift today!

Exterior Cleaning and Power Washing

Save yourself the trouble and give Mom the gift of a clean and shining home! Exterior power washing is a great solution to clear off the dirt and debris from the winter months, great for siding and brick exteriors. In addition, sidewalks, driveways, decks, and garages can also be pressure washed to remove dirt and improve appearance.

Interior Services

Need a picture or window treatment hung? What about rearranging the furniture for spring? Our professionals can do it all, from moving pianos to assembling intricate pieces of furniture, saving time and frustration. Moving Ahead Services also has a division that specializes in interior cleaning, with varying levels available to best fit your needs and budget.

With spring here, interior and exterior services are a great gift and can simultaneously cross many items off of the typical spring ‘to do’ lists!

Handle With Care

Handle With Care: Assisting Elderly Customers With Moving

When it comes time to assist in relocating our loved ones, especially an elderly parent or family member, it can be especially stressful. Often, moving and downsizing can take its toll on everyone involved, and it is coupled with the fact that it typically involves leaving behind a place that had been called home for a long period of time.

Many moves to apartments, specialty neighborhoods, or assisted living facilities can be the end of stress that results from trying to maintain a home when an individual is no longer physically able to care for the house and property. Unfortunately, the transition itself can be difficult and having an outside source to help can be of great value.

Moving professionals in Cleveland and Columbus are able to provide full service, which includes packing, loading, and transport, and additional services for load and transport only, reassembly, and even distribution of items that are no longer needed.

If it is not quite time for your loved one to make a move, Moving Ahead Services also has support services available for cleaning and home maintenance. Interior and exterior cleaning, as well as handyman services, can be a great way to extend the ability for our loved ones to live alone longer. Our trusted professionals can be scheduled regularly or on an as-needed basis!

Long Distance Moving

One of our specialties at Moving Ahead Services is long distance moving, which we can schedule and take on easily. Our trusted professionals provide loading services, transport, and then the final unloading services at your destination. In the planning process, we take several factors into consideration to ensure that we provide the best possible pricing and information for your next move.

Distance: Not only does the amount of travel time factor in to the overall timeline of your move, but we also take special considerations to ensure the complete safety of our team members and your belongings. We follow specific rules for the number of hours our drivers can travel in a day and we are always sure to research safe and secure stopping points for the time between.

Route:  This is an important part of our planning that can often go overlooked when completing a move yourself or hiring a less experienced company! It is very important to ensure that the route to your destination allows access for the truck size that is being used. Bridges, power lines, and detours can be difficult challenges that require careful planning and consideration.

Destination: Since your new home is not in a local area that we can visit, we pay careful attention to detail when receiving a description for the destination. Location, setup, and access are important factors that can affect the overall cost of your next move. Factors such as parking accommodations for our moving trucks and distance to be walked for unloading are discussed to ensure that the move is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

When you are planning a long-distance move, it is important to ensure that proper care is taken for all aspects of the relocation. Many factors can affect the potential plans and our team is always happy to provide information about long distance moving.


What is a Moving Broker?

We are often asked the difference between a moving service provider, such as Moving Ahead Services, and that of a broker. It is a very important distinction to be made and can make a huge difference in the long run.

What is a moving broker? A broker will act as a middleman or liaison and provide information regarding best prices, available dates, and company-specific details. Often contacted by phone or through websites, brokers gather the details on the move and then essentially shop around for the ‘best’ price. Keep in mind that the broker doesn’t work for free and will either up-charge the quote itself or take a commission off of the sale.

At times, the broker may be able to coordinate services quickly and with little to no issue. However, as with any liaison position, things can quickly change and the broker is not in control of either party. If the customer needs to change dates or the moving company needs to update a time, the chain of communication can quickly become an issue. In addition, direct contact information is often withheld, which means confirmation, contract questions, and payment issues can be difficult to decode.

Our best advice is to recommend that you spend the time searching for a moving company instead of a broker to provide the moving company information. Moving Ahead Services is able to answer any and all questions, estimate fair pricing, and offer support with professionals that have completed thousands of residential and office moves.


It’s Time to Move Again

This beautiful day is a reminder that the end of the college semester is nearing and undoubtedly another round of packing, hauling, and storing everything approaches. It’s time to move again! As college students, the norm is to move into the area in the beginning of the semester and move back out at the end. Our offices annually move hundreds of Ohio State students alone! Now is the time that everything is brought back for summer, and any seasoned veteran will be the first to exclaim, “It’s time to move again?!”

In recent years, we have had the pleasure of assisting parents and students to relocate, store, and even pack their belongings, avoiding many of the typical headaches along the route.  Moving Ahead Services offers a wide range of services to accommodate schedules and budgets, whether moving within Ohio or from across the country. We also have a reliable network of storage options that allow us to best represent the choices. Perhaps it makes more sense to store larger items for a few months rather than transport them home over a long distance.

Our professionals are eager to begin the summer and assist in the transition for college students. Our best asset is our years of experience, and we love the opportunity to answer questions and best determine a plan of action. So, yes…It’s time to move again, but Moving Ahead Services is here to help.


Food for Thought

Oftentimes, moving is the culmination of months of planning, excitement, worry, and chaos. It is easy to overlook the simplest of things, such as keeping up with grocery shopping and daily meals. Whether it is just you or your entire family, it can be difficult to keep a healthy meal plan when everything is in transition. Plates and cookware is often packed up, and even in remodel situations, kitchens may be partially inaccessible for a period of time. Below we’d like to give you some food for thought.

Planning for Breakfast: Recipes for breakfast burritos are a great way to prepare, and even freeze for later, a filling breakfast treat. Planning, packing, and moving is hard work, so kick-start your day on the right foot.

Lunch and Dinners: The last thing on your mind is running to the grocery store or cooking up a gourmet meal, even if you’ve hired movers for the heavy lifting. Preparing crockpot meals or even grilling in nice weather are great alternatives that will keep hunger at bay. Here is a great blog featuring 40 crockpot recipes that can be prepared and frozen, great for moving and even everyday planning.

In our 10,000+ moves, we’ve seen it all, heard it all, and continue to help plan it all! We hope you enjoy our tips and would love to hear any food for thought that you yourself have to offer.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

 Moving Day: Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Part of moving is having the tools to get the job done right! Whether you are hiring full-service, load only, or totally DIY, these tips will help you work smarter, not harder!

 The Right Tools:  Simple items need to be spared from packing, such as screwdrivers, plastic bags for hardware and screws, hammers, and essentially anything that your items require for disassembly! It is important to have a marker to label the screws and hardware, as reassembly will go much quicker at your new home. It is also helpful to have a dolly for lifting and moving heavier or large items. Instead of carrying them, you will use the dolly to wheel!

The Right Transport: Moving can be done in a variety of ways, however, it is helpful to have a vehicle large enough to accommodate everything in one trip. This is especially necessary for any long-distance moving. Our trucks are available in a variety of sizes and are equipped with all of the necessary accessories. Rental places exist as well, which is often helpful for long-distance transitions. It is also important to consider the height of the vehicle because the lower the bed, or, best case, if a ramp exists, the easier that loading will go.

The Right Information: It is important to ask questions if you are hiring a moving company, whether for full service or partial. Any reputable service provider will be able to give answers to any questions that you ask. Several options exist to best fit your needs, and being educated is the only way to make the best decision!

Just remember on moving day to work smarter, not harder!

The Anatomy of Your Moving Truck

Have you ever wondered about the anatomy of your moving truck? Moving trucks come equipped with supplies to securely transport your belongings, whether around the corner or across the country.

 Moving Blankets: Available in a variety of sizes, moving blankets help protect items from being scratched or bumped while in the truck. The blankets provide cushioned protection for large or fragile pieces that cannot be packed into a box.

Straps: Packing a truck is a science in and of itself, but it is important that items are secured within the truck. Straps can be used to keep an item in place, whether it be against the back of the truck or the walls.

Wrap: Rolls of plastic wrap are used to secure pieces together, such as a bedframe or dresser drawers. The plastic wrap sticks to itself, but unlike tape, there is no potential damage when it is removed.

Dollies and Carts: Especially helpful for large items, or to speed along the loading and unloading of boxes. Instead of having to carry a large item, it can be loaded onto the dolly or cart and rolled up the ramp. For boxes, most of us can only carry one or two at a time, but a dolly allows for several to be moved at once!

Visit our website for more helpful information on the anatomy of your moving truck or our services!

Online Reviews

Share the love with online reviews!

Moving Ahead Services was founded on the basis that our customers will always be the number-one priority. Any job, large or small, will receive the best in care, and Moving Ahead Services has held those standards high for over 10,000 completed moves. As an established business, and also as consumers, online reviews play an intricate part of our daily lives.

As a consumer, one of the most beneficial things we can do is relay feedback from our experiences with service providers. Whether it’s a one-time job or a preferred provider, it is important to articulate both the positive and negative aspects. A strong business would use any less-than-favorable feedback to improve, and the bad guys will eventually flounder under the pressure. Now we enter the internet into the mix, and all of our reviews are displayed for any potential customers to see!

As a business, online reviews are a way for us to hear what customers have to say. We are held accountable for each and every move, and luckily our customers are quite eager to provide us with feedback online. We also utilize these platforms to provide accurate information about our business and to research other potential local businesses, such as storage facilities, that we may enlist services from in the future.

With Yelp, Google Plus, Angie’s List, and the countless other online platforms, customers can provide feedback and a star rating, all with a couple clicks of the mouse. Some platforms require account setup, which is often a deterrent for completing the intended reviews. Keep in mind that, although you may have to go through a few minutes of information and setup, the feedback you will give now and in the future is invaluable to company growth, as well as to potential other customers that will read your online reviews.