Moving Supplies

Be Prepared: Buy the Right Moving Boxes

Are you stressed out due to an upcoming move? Are you worried about breaking items or damage issues in your relocation? Starting with the right moving boxes and supplies will save you a lot of time and help prevent damage too! 

First, create a checklist.

The first step to effectively pack your stuff is to think about which supplies you need for the packing. For this, you must make a checklist of which types/sizes of moving boxes you need. For example, you may need electronics boxes, lamp boxes, dish barrels, bulk cargo boxes, mirror boxes, file record boxes, and several small, medium, large, or X-large boxes. Create an inventory of your items to help determine the number of boxes you will need. We recommend over-estimating! 

10 Great Options for Moving Boxes

Here are the ten great options you must look into for packing your stuff before leaving moving.

  1. 24″ Grand wardrobe w/bar
  2. Bulk Cargo Box
  3. Large Box
  4. Medium Box
  5. Legal Box with handles
  6. Record File Box
  7. Student apartment kit
  8. 3-4 Bedroom house kit
  9. 3000+sq.ft. household kit

Why are these great options for moving? 

All of the above-listed ten items (and many more) are great options for moving because they will allow you to pack and unpack without damage safely. All of our boxes are mover verified and double-walled to make a safe moving environment. 

Make sure to use packing supplies properly!

When you have all the accessories and boxes to pack your stuff like a professional, it’s crucial to pack the items properly. Keep in mind the following essential tips to effectively pack everything. 

  • Always use the relevant moving boxes for each item. Do not use large boxes for smaller items or small boxes for more oversized items. 
  • Do not overload the stuff in a box. Put your items in according to the size and capacity of the box. 
  • Use bubble wrap for delicate items, and learn the proper techniques of shrink wrap and packing pads.
  • Always use heavy-duty packaging tape instead of regular tape to close the boxes. 
  • Don’t forget to write the labels on all boxes.


Pittsburgh Movers

Moving out of state? Pittsburgh Moving Company

Are you moving out of state? Consider hiring a Pittsburgh long-distance moving company!

When you choose Moving Ahead Services as your long-distance movers, you choose professionalism and quality measured up to the highest industry standards.  From your personal move planner to open and friendly communication, you are in total control of your move! Talk with our moving experts, or get your free moving quote started online today! Begin planning your move with the trusted, courteous, and experienced long-distance movers at Moving Ahead Services.

What is a long-distance move?

Long-distance moves require a different approach than local moves due to moving goods across state lines and the travel time. Often referred to as interstate moves, cross country moves, or state-to-state moves, all of these terms require that you have special authority to travel through state lines. Moving Ahead Services is a fully licensed and insured long-distance moving company that has completed thousands of long-distance moving projects.

What can you expect when you hire Moving Ahead Services?

As trusted long-distance movers, we ensure that every Moving Ahead Services customer receives the best service and support.

  • An expert organized long-distance move at a great price.
  • Highly trained long-distance movers with an interest in providing fast, friendly, and fair services.
  • Clean, well-maintained trucks to safely transport your household possessions.
  • No hidden costs or fees – ever.
  • Experienced professionals who are properly licensed and insured.
  • Respect for all of your belongings by a company that treats each move with care.

Pittsburgh Cross Country Moving Company

Need long-distance movers in Pittsburgh? Call us! We provide moving services for all budgets to any destination in the US and abroad. Our unique approach offers a variety of solutions, including dedicated moving services for your entire move. We are a full-service company, not a marketing shell farming out work to different contractors or unknown labor. We understand interstate permits, rules, and regulations; details you need to be right, but you don’t need to understand. That’s our job, and for the last decade, our services have been recognized industry-wide. Our team is committed to making your Pittsburgh long-distance move a breeze.

Helping out for Easter

Our team loves helping out in our communities! We recently helped pick-up and deliver Easter baskets to pediatric patients and young families in North East Ohio. These efforts were planned and facilitated through our partnership with Hospice of the Western Reserve. Check out our photos from the job, and read more about the Hospice of the Western Reserve below!

About Hospice of the Western Reserve

Mission Statement: Hospice of the Western Reserve provides palliative end-of-life care, caregiver support, and bereavement services throughout Northern Ohio. In celebration of the individual worth of each life, we strive to relieve suffering, enhance comfort, promote quality of life, foster choice in end-of-life care and support effective grieving. Visit their website to learn more and donate today!

Moving Containers

Moving Container – Is it For You?

Think of a moving container as a portable storage unit brought to you at the location of your choosing. You load it with your belongings, and it either stays with you until you’re ready to move, or the container company moves it off-site for you until they deliver it to your new location. The recognizable commercial brands on the market include PODS, Mobile-Mini, Go-Mini, and Pack-Rat, among others.

Moving Container – One of Many Options

When making a choice among service providers for help with your move, the container option is a standpoint between the extremes of the basic “do-it-yourself” move and a full-service move. It is one of several options for balancing convenience and cost. If you don’t need a full-service move, you may consider getting help for your specific needs: hiring labor, renting storage, purchasing packing materials, packing and crating, junk removal, handyman services, and vehicle relocation. (Click here to read about Moving Ahead Services’ expert solutions for all of the above.)

A Place to Put a Moving Container

A moving container on your property can be more convenient than going to a storage facility, but with one limiting factor: you need a driveway or other designated space on the street. If not, most moving container companies offer off-site storage space for your container until it’s delivered to your current or new location. Considering placement limitations, renting a moving container can be a reasonable choice over traditional storage units.

Consider the following factors as you decide whether a moving container is right for you:

Time and Flexibility of a Moving Container

Do you need more time moving from your current place to your new location? A moving container can be a great option if you have to remove your belongings, but can’t move them into a new space immediately. You may have painting or remodeling work that precludes an immediate transfer of goods from one location to another. Or, unfinished construction dictates your move-in date is fluid, and you want access to your items. A moving container avoids having to use a temporary storage unit in a location that may not be convenient.  It also avoids having to move your belongings twice: first into an off-site unit, and again out of the unit).

Immediate Access to a Moving Container

Do you need access to your items at all times?  When a container company places the unit at your location, you can access your belongings conveniently. Contrasting this option with a typical storage facility, a moving container can be a good option without having to drive to a facility. If you can place the container on the street, within city ordinance guidelines, you can use the container as interim personal storage over the short term. The benefit, in this case, is you move items into storage once and not a second time when you’re ready to move items into your new location.

Urban residents will have more difficulty finding a place to put the container versus suburban or rural residents, and street placement usually requires a permit or permission from the local government. Obtaining that permission can be a hassle and an extra step that you don’t want to endure while planning your overall move.

Cost of a Moving Container

Generally speaking, a moving container is less expensive than a full-service move and more costly than a typical storage unit. Also, a container is usually more costly than a traditional storage unit in a fixed facility. (Click here to explore Moving Ahead Services’ solutions, including short- and long-term storage in our secure, climate-controlled warehouses.)

In addition, the container company transports the container.   A trained professional drives, operates, and coordinates the operation, leaving you without the worry of managing a heavy truck. People also have used containers for reasons other than moving, including storage for furniture at a current home during a basement finishing or home remodeling. Your items stay on your property; you’re essentially renting additional space on your driveway.

If the POD or container is kept outside on your location and not in the off-site storage facility, it is susceptible to weather and environmental conditions. Rain, wind, insects, and rodents can find creative ways of ‘getting in’. Make sure you’re comfortable with your container’s quality, especially if you plan on keeping it over the long-term.

Once you have chosen to use a moving container, consider the following to make the process easier for you:

Hire Packing Help for a Moving Container

Moving Ahead Services is a premier, full-service mover. We can do the whole job for you, or we can customize the job for your needs. Do you need help with packing? We can come to you with the best professional crew in the business.

Hiring Lifting Help for a Moving Container

Do you need help only with loading heavy items into your container? Again, we can customize a quote to suit your needs, even if you don’t need our full-service option. 

Hire a Driver for your Move

Do you have goods going to multiple locations? We also have truck drivers for hire if you’re not comfortable driving a large truck. 

Hire a Handyman for your Move

Do you need items disassembled and then reassembled in your new location? Moving Ahead Services expertly handles both residential and commercial items, including furniture and electronic equipment. 

Hire Custom Help

Do you have special items that need custom-built packing crates? Moving Ahead Services specializes in custom crating for your oversized items, artwork, instruments, or odd-shaped items that require extra care in ensuring a safe move.

A moving container offers a flexible option and can be a useful tool in your plan for a successful move. However, knowing what is right for you can be a lot to process. Contact Moving Ahead Services today for help deciphering what will work best for you. Our experienced customer service managers will patiently answer your questions about the moving industry, the different options available, and make suggestions to help you get the moving help you need at the right price. Call us today!

Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Moving Checklist

Do you have a long-distance move coming up? Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Read our quick checklist to help you prepare for your upcoming long-distance move! Our long-distance relocation team is always prepared to answer any of your more in-depth questions. Call us today at (877) 643-4044 or fill out our moving estimate form.

  • Start planning now! 
  • Get estimates from long-distance moving companies.
  • Hire a long-distance moving company, and work with their customer service team. 
  • Inventory your home and start sorting your items.
  • Create a list of things you’re taking and items you are not taking.
  • Start to sell, or remove items you are not taking with you.
  • Find or buy packing supplies.
  • Start packing immediately! Hire packing help if you do have experience.
  • Prepare an essentials bag or box for daily items.
  • Do not pack forbidden items for transport.
  • Label and organize all boxes!
  • Got pets? Don’t forget to prepare for them!
  • Change your home utilities.
  • Change your postal address.
  • Research medical, school, and other needs in your new location.
  • Be prepared. Moving day can be stressful. The more you prepare, the better your moving day will be.
  • Take a deep breath. You’re ready for your long-distance move!

Moving Supplies

16 Tips for a Safe Moving Day

Are you ready for a safe moving day?  If you are concerned about moving during the time of the pandemic or have more general concerns about moving, read the following 16 tips for a safe moving day.

The First Eight

  1. Ask for help.  The professionals at Moving Ahead Services are well-practiced at providing reliable, expert, and safe services during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Moving Ahead Services has implemented numerous best-practice standards and protocols during this time, and has successfully completed thousands of moves over the past year.  Trust the experts to provide the help you need.
  2. Plan your move.  Like most things, planning in advance for major life events provides innumerable benefits to achieving any goal.  Regarding your move, it helps to plan as much as possible.  Giving yourself enough lead time before your move will allow you the mental space to think of all the variables you need to consider.  While you need to plan for moving inanimate objects, you also need to consider plans for your loved ones, including children, pets, and elderly.  You also need to plan for any work you may need to miss, both before your move and on moving day.
  3. Use good moving supplies. The last thing you want to have happened on your moving day is to have your supplies not work.  Choose quality supplies.  You may be tempted to save costs on this line item.  However, having a tape dispenser that you’ll need to tinker with or having previously used worn boxes fall apart will only create stress for you during your move.
  4. Don’t forget packing supplies.  Related to Tip #3, have enough packing supplies on hand.  If you’re using a professional like Moving Ahead Services, you will be glad to know that they come fully stocked and prepared.  The last thing you need on moving day is to run out of supplies, pause the move, and leave the premises in order to purchase more supplies from a general retailer.
  5. Don’t over-pack. What does this mean?  It means don’t pack too heavy and don’t pack too crunched.  The likelihood of your items becoming damaged from “too” anything is higher than allotting for the right space and padding for your goods.  Trust us, it’s worth the extra box.
  6. Use moving equipment.  How great would it be to finish your move and begin the next day with back pain?  Not great at all.  Don’t have a dolly or nylon straps?  Don’t know how you would use them if you did?  Not to worry, your professional movers know what to do.  The importance of in-tact and functional moving equipment can not be overstated.
  7. Save your back. (See above.)  The last thing you need once your move is complete is to be in pain or, worse, to inflict upon yourself long-term injury from improperly lifting or moving heavy items.  We know you can do it, we also know you shouldn’t.  Completing a safe moving day means not injuring yourself or others, whether for the short or long-term.
  8. Measure your furniture. One of the easiest and most forgotten “top tips” when planning or executing a move is to measure your furniture.   This helps you and your movers understand the general scale of your items, and plan accordingly.  An additional suggestion is to plot out your furniture to scale on graph paper, so you can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ it in your room before it actually gets there.  It is also helpful to know in advance whether you need to take some doors off their hinges before any piece is moved.  Finally, measuring furniture in advance helps to understand traffic flow around your space, and identify choke points or narrow passthroughs.

The Second Eight

  1. Check your grip. Check your grip.  Don’t lift, balance, hold, or move anything you unknowingly underestimate.  Let the professionals manage it!
  2. Dress accordingly. Professional movers will testify: you’re going to work up a sweat, and your clothes can’t be too precious for moving day.  Between the last-minute packing and the dust-bunnies that appear, you want to be comfortable.  You don’t want to worry about snagging a knit top or cleaning off long-unnoticed goo.
  3. Wear good shoes. Like the above tip, your shoes will make or break your safe moving day.  Moving is a physically exhausting experience.  Wear shoes that won’t slip on a truck ramp, slide on a stairway, or come out from under your feet when you are racing around your house.
  4. Clear a path. If you have pre-packed your house into zones, you likely already have cleared a path for movers to work.  If you haven’t already, it is helpful to move that center entry table, the chairs in front of your sliding back door, and any boxes that are piled near or around the staircase.
  5. Keep pets safe. By “keep pets safe” we mean “keep pets out of the way”.  You know your pets best; if your dog or cat or other loved four-legged friend doesn’t like strangers, it is best to keep them crated or with a friend during the duration of a move.  Our animals know and are sensitive to change Keeping them away from the moving activities will help you, your movers, and your pets.
  6. Check the weather. Don’t let the weather stop you if your dates are inflexible, but set your expectations and plan in advance.   You probably don’t want to move in the middle of a 75 mph wind storm, or when torrential rains will soak your boxes.  Please note: professional movers can mitigate expertly any weather situation!
  7. Use common sense. It’s not like this tip needs much explaining.  If you’re reading this you already have the sense to make advanced plans and try to get organized.  “Use Common Sense” might encapsulate not over-scheduling yourself (for instance, make no other plans for moving day other than getting take-out for dinner) or expecting everything to be perfect the day after.  Have patience for your utilities to get connected and for your other service providers, and have patience with yourself!
  8. Hire professionals. This one’s easy: contact Moving Ahead Services for a free, no-obligation way to get started on a seamless and professional experience.  Check!
New Neighbors

Packing Mistakes to Avoid

Moving your household is no small task, and it can quickly become overwhelming without a solid game-plan. It’s our job to ensure that your move is stress-free, so follow along as we cover some packing mistakes to avoid.

Packing on move day

Procrastination in packing your items will only add more stress to the entire move. We highly recommend devising a packing plan or hiring a moving company that offers packing services. Waiting until move day to pack your items will be chaotic and stressful. 

Buying cheap packing supplies

Trying to save money by buying cheap moving supplies is a common problem we see. Using old or worn boxes can cause a safety hazard for both you and your movers. When utilizing used boxes, make sure that they are clean, dry, and sturdy enough to pack your items. Our team uses the industry-best moving supplies, and you can purchase them from our moving supply store.

Not organizing

Organizing your boxes will save you a ton of time and stress during your unload—failure to organize your items before packing can result in broken or lost items. We recommend packing items by room and trying to pack similar items into boxes. It’ll also be helpful to pack long-term and not heavily used items right away! Don’t forget to label your boxes! 

Overfilling boxes

Overfilling your boxes is a popular and dangerous mistake. You may think you’re saving time and money by doing this, but it almost always backfires. We recommend packing your boxes until filled but not overweight. Over-packing your boxes will cause structural damage to the box, making it extremely unsafe to carry. 

If you need packing advice or packing services, our team is always ready to help! Call us today at (877) 643-4044 to speak with our relocation specialists.



Moving Company

Picking the Right Movers

You’ve landed that new job in a new city, you’re retiring out of state, your family’s growing, and it’s time to upgrade. All these are significant signs that life is going great! Please keep it going by selecting the right mover for your upcoming move.

Tips for Selecting A Moving Company

— Choose the kind of moving company you need, such as a relocation service, interstate movers, local mover, pack-and-load services, junk removal, or driving only.

— Ask your friends and neighbors who have moved recently for their recommendation. A trusted word-of-mouth referral is a great way to ensure the movers will do a solid job for you.

— Ask for references, and check the companies online reviews. Reach out to the references if you have concerns.

— Determine whether or not you would like the moving company to pack and what other services you may need from them. Ensure that the moving company is aware of everything you require.

— Know the difference between binding and non-binding contracts. With a binding estimate, you know in advance what your move will cost. However, it also means you can’t add anything extra that you might have left off during the estimate. With a more open-ended non-binding estimate, there is no limit on what you can request from the movers.

— Inform the moving company of any unusual situations, such as access or parking needs. If the mover does not know about potential issues in advance, additional charges could apply.

— Verify that the moving company you select is licensed and insured. You can ask for proof of this information, and look it up online.

If you’re having problems selecting a moving company, give our office a call and ask our customer service team for help! We pride ourselves on being up-front, honest, and resourceful. Get started by filling out our estimate form, or call us today at (440) 256-2224.


Planning Your Move

7 Time & Space Saving Packing Tips

When it comes to moving, saving space can save you money. Read more to learn about our 7 best time and space saving tips!

Nesting Dolls

Did you just visualize the colorful wooden Russian Matryoshka dolls?  If so, then you understand the space-saving tip already!  Stack similar items within themselves.  Pots and pans are an obvious choice for this concept.  Smaller pots can easily fit within larger ones, and this reduces the cumulative space the item takes up.  Also, pots and pans are not fragile, relatively speaking.  They can be nested without risking damage.

Roll your clothes

Rolling clothes, instead of folding them, saves a surprising amount of packing space when moving.  For certain articles, rolling instead of folding is preferable for preventing wrinkles.  T-Shirts, casual pants like denim and sweats, swimsuits, cotton dresses – these items are better candidates for the rolling method compared to bulky sweaters or heavy coats.

Wardrobe Boxes

Any even quicker method to moving clothing is to keep them on hangers and use Wardrobe Boxes.  You eliminate the need for removing items from a hanger, folding (or rolling) them into a separate container, and then having to rehang them on the other end of your move.  When you’re preparing for a move and counting for how many Wardrobe boxes you may need, remember to count all the closets in your current home, including bedrooms and foyer closets holding coats and jackets. Extra space.

Vacuum sealing

Vacuum Sealing can be a great solution for saving space when moving clothing, but it is an almost essential for moving bulky bed linens, including comforters and pillows.  Vacuum sealing removes the air pockets that settle between even the smallest fibers, so your vacuum sealed down comforter goes from being two-feet thick when folded (requiring its own box) to a few inches think when sealed and finished.  This saves twice: on space for transporting and for the extra box!  You can also vacuum seal food for transporting to preserve it.  Another alternative is to donate any food you don’t want to move to Move for Hunger, a nonprofit of which Moving Ahead Services supports. Move for Hunger will take you leftover food and make sure if goes to needy members of the community, while saving you the extra time, effort, and expenses of moving food.   

Plastic Wrap (Avoid Spills)

Like Vacuum sealing, using Plastic Wrap for moving is an innovative way to save time and hassle.  Movers have wrapped upholstered furniture in plastic to protect it from any damage that comes from handling.  Plastic wrap can also keep out critters and nesting animals if a piece of furniture needs to go into long-term storage.   Plastic can be used to keep drawers from sliding out of a dresser during a move and, like bubble wrap, can keep table legs together in one unit or even wrapped up on the underside to keep disassembled pieces from becoming separated.

Wrap drawers

Wrapping your drawers will save you time on re-packing, but also ensure that your items stay in their proper home. Wrapping will save time for your movers too, just make sure that it’s not overpacked!

Packing supplies

Use them. Boxes, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, and protective wraps. Using the right supplies will save you time and damages. Check out our online moving supply store!

Tampa Moving & Living Tips

Living in Tampa: Fun Places & Public Services

Congratulations!  You’ve arrived in Tampa and your move is complete.  If you chose the professional, expert movers at Moving Ahead Services, you’re relishing in the fact that all of your items arrived safely, the move was overall stress-free, and you enjoyed working with the bright and personable moving crew assigned to your job.   Now that you’re living in Tampa, what should you do after your move?  Should you explore fun places or public services? Well, the smart idea is to call the utility companies, connect your Wi-Fi, line up your trash and recycling days, locate your closest grocery stores, and route your best path to commute to work.  Of course, these tasks would be after you unpack, arrange furniture, and discard your bubble wrap.  It’s a lot to do!

Instead of the smart idea, what about the not smart idea?  What would be a better, nonconventional use of your time, that is less about being productive and more about having fun in your new city?  We suggest you explore the best of Tampa first, and do all the other mundane tasks later.

Fun Places in Tampa

It goes without saying that Tampa is a great city.  Even during a pandemic, Tampa’s business community is growing with several newcomers opening up in 2021.  Tampa has several new hot spots that will appeal to all crowds; here are a few new selections:

  1. Hatch Hangout:   Is there a better idea for relieving post-moving stress than throwing an ax or two in a controlled environment?  Throwers need to be 12 or over, but no experience is required.  The company will host ladies nights, team-building events, groups of families, or any event that wants to incorporate active play into the celebration.  It’s an update on the dart-throwing days of old, and we can’t wait.
  2. Flower Crown Kombucha: Does your new life in Tampa come with a lifestyle reset?  If so, that should include imbibing on Kombucha, the fermented tea that benefits your body with probiotics and other good-for-you ingredients.  The taproom is the only one of it’s kind in Tampa, and in the future will offer other beverages from which to choose.
  3. ParBar: Not into Kombucha and favor the more traditional bar offerings?  What if those offerings were paired with mini-golf?  Even better!  Opening in the Spring of 2021, Par Bar is a mini-golf themed bar that will cater to your sense of fun and play.  Food trucks will be at the ready, and you can even bring your dog!

Public Services in Tampa’s Counties

If after reading this you still want to be practical and efficient, here are some helpful links for checking off your list those mundane tasks.  We applaud you for your sense of time management and organization!  It’s important to have fun, but it’s also important to understand your new locale and your county’s schedule for trash management, public safety, and building and permit information, among other things.  In addition, Tampa has tons of libraries and public parks to help you enjoy your new location as a new resident.  Determine your specific county in the Tampa area and start discovering the fun places and public services available to you.

Pasco County:

Do you need to understand the public transportation options in Pasco County?  Need to finalize your business license?  The Pasco County government services website is a helpful place to start.  Like other counties, the website offers the standard links for expected government services.  In addition, there are links to support you with your pet adoption, to get involved in supporting the homeless community, and a disaster planning guide.

Pinellas County:

Like other counties, Pinellas County offers an online tool for locating facilities and services in the county.   For establishing new utility account in particular, research the municipalities link for the services available to residents in the 24 cities in the county.

Hillsborough County:

Hillsborough County is the home of downtown Tampa and the immediate cities surrounding it.  The county website currently boasts news of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Super Bowl LV champions.  More important information is the quick link to the COVID-19 dashboard, as well as a quick “At Your Service” residential online service request option.

Manatee County:

Manatee County has developed a “New Resident” information tool, which lets you enter an address into their system to generate information specific for that address.  It will generate trash collection days, polling and school information, flood zone information, and more.

Have Fun or Get Things Done?

Whether you decide to visit fun places or accomplish tasks with public services, your move to Tampa or the surrounding areas can be productive and insightful.  The vibrant city has new offerings for residents and businesses opening regularly.  As Tampa’s premier provider for professional moving services, Moving Ahead Services is always ready to be of service to new residents and businesses.  Can we be of further service to you?  Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.  Enjoy your new home and welcome to Tampa!