Cincinnati Movers – New Office

Announcing the New Moving Ahead Services’ Office in Cincinnati

We are excited to announce our new office space in Cincinnati!  Our team is ready to wrap up 2017 and kick 2018 into high gear. Our new space in Cincinnati has even more office and storage space, in addition to being in a great location to serve our customers!


607 Shepherd Dr. Unit 8
Cincinnati, OH 45215


New Cinci Office

Holiday 2017 Events

The Holidays are (Almost!!) Here

Holiday 2017 plans are in motion! Join us in collecting donations and spreading cheer this holiday season. If you are interested in contributing to any of the organizations we work with, please let us know!

It is incredibly important for us to give back to the communities we work and live in, and to ensure that our family, neighbors, friends, team members and customers understand that every little bit helps – A single $1 goes a very long way.

Forbes House for Holiday 2017 Season

This year, Moving Ahead Services will be collecting gift cards to donate to Forbes House.  Forbes House is a Lake County domestic violence shelter, providing a safe haven for women and children in abusive situations.  Forbes House visitors are not charged for their counseling, stay, food or support  – But rather are rewarded once they get their life back and maintain a safe living environment free from their abuser.

Forbes House is small but mighty, however limited in the space they have to store donations.  Gift cards are a great way for us all to make a big impact – Whether you can donate $5 or $500.  If you are interested in donating gift cards or would like to donate wrapping paper, or learn more about Forbes House wish list of supplies, contact us today!

Providence House

Each year our holiday season kick off is the Deck the House event with Providence House.  Deck the House is their large annual fundraiser, providing donations to operate the crisis nursery throughout the year.  Each year, Moving Ahead Services donates T&M to safely wrap, pack and deliver all of the auctioned decorated holiday trees.

This year, Tuesday December 5th is the Annual Deck the House event, and we hope you will join us!  If you are unable to join, please consider making a donation to Providence House this holiday season.  Just $80 can provide 5 kids with a safe place to sleep and meals to eat.

Move for Hunger

During the holidays and all throughout the year, all Moving Ahead Services locations can be a donation point for any non-perishable food items you’d like to contribute to local food pantries and organizations in need.  If you are a moving customer, we can also drop off Move for Hunger boxes for you to pack as you are getting ready for moving day and cleaning out your cupboards.

 Join us in celebrating the season by giving back in our community! As always, we are grateful for your support!



Moving Ahead Services Wins Fast Track 50 Emerging Business

Fast Track 50 Emerging Business Winner

Moving Ahead Services is proud and excited to announce – WE WON! At last nights’ Lake-Geauga Fast Track 50 Awards, Moving Ahead Services was selected as the 2017 winner for the Emerging Business Category.  We had a wonderful time, and are incredibly humbled and grateful for the recognition. The competition was fierce!

The third time is really the charm for our Fast Track 50 run! For the last 3 years, we were recognized as a Fast Track 50 top 25 fastest growing company in all applicants of Lake and Geauga County. Moving Ahead Services has also placed in the top finalists each year.  Taking home the prize for 2017 is a great achievement!

About Lake-Geauga Fast Track 50

The Lake-Geauga Fast Track 50 Awards celebrated the 25th anniversary last night at Lamalfa in Mentor with keynote speakers Ed and Nancy Brown of Ladies and Gentlemen. The awards began 25 years ago with founder Frank Suponcic – well known in Northeast Ohio for Skoda Minotti and Arabica Coffee Shop in Downtown Willoughby, among a variety of other professional affiliations in our community.

The entire premise of Fast Track 50 is to recognize businesses that have a positive impact on our local economies by fostering growth in both financial sales and employee count. As a top contender, our recognition was based on a 5 year sales and employee growth trend.  The break out determination is based upon 80% sales, 20% employee growth to determine the top contenders and ultimately, the winners.  The entire event is separated by category, beginning with Emerging Business (Up to $2.75M in sales), Established (Over $2.75M in sales for 5 years) and Non profit.

2017 Fast Track 50 Emerging Business Moving Ahead Services

We truly have an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the selection and support in our community.  From our customers to local organizations like Fast Track 50, The Western Willoughby Lake County Chamber of Commerce and BNI Executive Network to countless partnerships with local organizations – This all would not be possible without our fearless leader and our dedicated team. Every single day our administrative staff and our team in the field work tirelessly to continue to grow and thrive.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you!

View the News-Herald Article Here: Moving Ahead Services, JEMM Construction earn top awards at 2017 Lake-Geauga Fast Track 50

Homesick After Moving

Handling the Moving Gloom

Being homesick after a big move is totally normal! Whether it sets in right away or after the initial hustle and bustle of relocating, it is definitely a reality for many. If you are feeling homesick, check out our top tips for beating the blues!

Don’t Mope

At least don’t mope for long!  Give yourself a mental health day to process everything and get it together. Resist the urge to binge Netflix on your couch for a solid month! The more you do, the better you will feel and the key to improving your feelings is to take action.

Use Technology

We are seriously lucky to have such a plethora of technology options at our finger tips.  Whether you want to do Facetime, Skype, chat, text, video messaging, etc etc… You have the ability that no one in history has ever had – You can see your loved ones and friends from anywhere! Take advantage of it, it will help!

Make a List of Places

If you are really struggling with missing your last home town, then it’s time to start getting busy making memories. Make a list of your favorite places and start working on finding new ones in your new town. From restaurants to shopping, gyms, grocery stores and more – Getting familiar can go a long way!

Find Group Activities

Whether you are looking for friends, dating, professional networking etc – It is out there thanks to the interweb! Check out group activities at a local fitness center, volunteer around town, find group dating networks – Anything that will get you out there and start meeting some locals and making new friends.

Get Social at Work / School

If you have changed jobs or started a new school, start spending time with people! Sure, they may not be your new BFFs but at least give it a shot! You never know who else you will meet, and it could also show some great new places around town.


Moving and being homesick is totally normal. Moving distances is not for all of us, and if you find after the first year or two you just aren’t settling in and happy – It may be time to think about a move back!

Shopper Approved Case Study

Moving Ahead Services’ Featured in Shopper Approved Case Study

Shopper Approved reviews have had a large impact on our business over the course of the last year.  Since moving from an internal review collection process to a third party option, we have seen an overwhelming response rate!  Reviews are an integral part of any service-based business.  Feedback is the single best way to reward our team, or take an opportunity for a learning experience.

If we have completed your move in the last year, you received a Shopper Approved review request!

View the full case study and learn more about Shopper Approved by visiting their website!

Shopper Approved Case Study

Image created and provided by Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved Case Study

Moving Ahead Services Referral Program

Refer Your Friends, Family and Coworkers

Our referral program is a great way to share your awesome moving experience, and help out your friends and family! The Moving Ahead Services’ referral initiative is in response to overwhelming customer return and referral ratings.  The single best compliment we can receive is the ‘thumbs up’ and a mention to your loved ones.

Our business has been built on a commitment to quality, and by treating each move as if it were our own. Each year, our referral and return customer base grows exponentially across all of Ohio. This is in large part to our great customers spreading the word!

Referral Program Details

The process is pretty simple. If you have told a friend, family member or coworker about Moving Ahead Services, or if you’ve simply mentioned it and we are able to reach out directly, fill out our easy referral form here.

Once their big move is scheduled, we will reach out and get your gift card in the mail!


UNPacking Tips

You have survived the move, but the work is not over!

Unpacking tips can be incredibly helpful after the move is over (and to help you pack properly!) and it’s time to get your life and home back in order. Cleaning, organizing and putting items away properly now can save serious headaches and time down the road. Resist the urge to rush through it and get unpacked with these great tips!

Unpacking Tips from the Pros

unpacking tipsTip #1: Rewinding a bit, make sure that your boxes are clearly labeled during the move and ensure that each box is placed in the room to which it belongs in. This will aid in keeping track of all of your household items but also assist movers or helpers to ensuring everything goes to the correct room – Saving time and chaos later!

Tip #2: Have the proper supplies This means cleaning supplies, as well as supplies that will be needed before you can unpack.  This includes liners for cabinets, tools and hardware, etc.

Tip #3 Clean before you start each room If possible, try to clean (and/or paint) your new home or apartment thoroughly before moving in at all!  If you were unable to, have all items placed in the center of the room and clean thoroughly before you unpack. Wipe walls, baseboards and windows.  Clean all appliances, scrub bathrooms and ensure everything is in good shape before unpacking.

Tip #4: Unpack the priority items first During packing and planning stages, it’s a good idea to prioritize and keep important everyday items available.  This includes, clothes, towels, toiletry items, bedding, etc. Start here and unpack priority items first.

Tip #5: Prioritize by Room  – Organize and plan as you go to maximize use of space!


Your kitchen is typically one of the more lengthy packing and unpacking projects you will have.  Before unpacking your kitchen and after cleaning – Make sure you line all cabinets and do any preparatory work. Then plan your kitchen! Decide what items will go in what cupboards, how you want your pantry set up, etc.  Make sure to put away any refrigerated or food items.


Bathrooms are essential in the unpacking process!  Put away all TP, toiletry items, towels, shower essentials and anything else you will need right away. Plan ahead so that you do not need to go back and re-organize later.


Whether you are able to tackle the bedroom completely on day 1 or to at least set up temporary sleeping quarters, get your bed room started to have a place to rest your head at the end of the long day!  Take your time to unpack and put away everything, and stay organized throughout.

Tip #6: Assemble essential furniture Put together all furniture in priority order.  Start with essentials like beds, then move on to kitchen and living spaces. If you have hired movers, they often will provide this service!

Tip #7: Set aside items for storage and plan to handle storage areas last As you pack and unpack, it’s a good time to purge and organize. For items that can go into the storage spaces, designate extra boxes and safely store them with other storage items until you tackle those spaces.


There you have it, unpacking tips to unpack like a pro.  If you need help, schedule our post-move services today. Happy unpacking!


Forgotten Items in Moving

What Are You Most Likely to Forget During Moving?

Forgotten Items in MovingForget me not! When our brains are on overload during the moving process, it is easy to forget even the simple things in life. Being wrapped up in your move means you may leave some items behind or forget to complete very important tasks! Save this for your big moving day and avoid forgotten items in moving.

Most Forgotten Items in Moving

1. Address Changes

Moving means you essentially need to update every single instance of your address across all areas of your life. Take inventory of anything that you need to update and when it needs updated – Including all bills, anything you have scheduled for deliveries, items being repaired, etc.

  • All utilities, school contact information, work contact information
  • Repeat deliveries like Amazon Prime, subscriptions, etc.
  • Service related things like dry cleaning, pick up / drop off repairs etc.

The Updater app is a helpful tool!


2. Medical and Health

This is a critical one! Be sure to keep meticulous records and make appropriate updates for all medical and health related necessities. This includes updating your medical records, pharmacy, emergency contact information and more. Keep all items in a safe place and easily accessible during the move. Notify all regular physicians!


3. School Related Items

Whether your kids are transferring schools or not, you likely will have updates to be made here. Ensure schools have all proper contact information, important dates, emergency contact information and any other relevant items.


4. Moving Supplies

Many overlook even the most simple aspect – The things you actually need to move!  Ensure you have all of the proper tools and equipment before your move – and make sure you take them with you when the move is done!

  • Packing supplies, boxes, paper, scissors, tape, labels, markers, etc.
  • Dollies and moving blankets/pads


5. Hiding Spots

Take a mental inventory of any hiding spots you have had over the years and make sure you ask your kids the same! From valuables to cash to important documents, it can be difficult to retrieve things after the fact.


6. Last Minute Packing

The VIP items that you have left out to pack last can often be the most common to be forgotten! Check all drawers, closets and storage and talk to everyone involved to make sure things are not stashed away for safe keeping and left behind during the move.


7. Appliances

If you are leaving appliance behind, don’t forget to check them!  Check inside dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators, as well as washers and dryers.


8. Cleaning Supplies

Commonly saved for the end of the move to clean up – Cleaning supplies and garbage are often left behind. Keep everything together and don’t forget to do a final thorough sweep before you go.


9. Chargers / Electronics

From phone charges to speakers, laptops and more  – Don’t forget your electronics and chargers!


10. Outdoor items – Plants, planters, grills, mower etc

Check all of your storage spaces to make sure you have grabbed and packed everything – Including all outdoor areas. Planters, grills and mowers are all frequently forgotten.

The easiest things you can do to ensure your move is organized include hiring movers, and keeping very detailed lists and schedules.  This will help you stay sane, as well as ensure all bases are covered.  Keep lists handy to continually add to, remove and update!

Save this list to avoid forgotten items in moving, and contact us for your free moving estimate!

Providence House Corporate Sponsorship

Moving Ahead Services a Providence House Corporate Sponsor

After partnering with Providence House on projects for the last several years, Moving Ahead Services has officially joined as a corporate partner! We are excited, and looking forward to the holiday festivities and the year ahead.

Providence House is a Cleveland crisis nursery, providing safety, food, clothing, shelter and more to at risk children and their families in Northeast Ohio. The work that Providence House does in our community is truly inspiring, and we are humbled and grateful to be able to provide support.

‘Tis Almost the Season

As many know, Moving Ahead Services has worked for Providence House for the last few years, providing transportation, supplies and storage for their annual Deck the House event at Cleveland Browns’ stadium. This wonderful event provides an excellent way for Providence House to spread the word, and an excellent platform for donors to give to this wonderful cause.

The work doesn’t end when the holiday lights come down though, and Providence House tirelessly advocates for those in need in Cleveland throughout the year.

We hope that you will join us at this years event, or even as a Corporate Partner of Providence House!  Learn more, and contact Providence House today!

Marriage and Moving

Tying the Knot and Moving

Marriage and moving

Marriage and moving often coincide, with the two major life events sharing many similar motivations. The key to choosing your dream home or fresh new apartment is to have a solid understanding of all the considerations! As if you don’t have enough going on surrounding wedding planning and nuptials, planning a move efficiently can save some headaches!

Decisions, Decisions – Marriage and Moving Considerations

For many couples, taking the official step to marriage is a time to combine and conquer. Even if you were living together before, it is still common for couples to want to move and get ready for the future.


Talking with your SO to determine the size and type of home or apartment is essential.  If you are combing all of your belongings or just need to accommodate all those wedding gifts, your new home will likely be larger and able to serve its’ purpose now and in the future. Have a clear plan and budget!


Are you a city dweller and your SO more a fan of the ‘burbs? Talking about location is one of the most important conversations.  Even just considering a local move, the distance from work, potential future school systems and a variety of other factors come into play. Long distance relocations typically involve many more considerations. Talk through them!


Whether you have kids now or plan to in the future, having children absolutely influences most marriage and moving decisions. From school systems to proximity to family and more – Planning for your family needs now as well as your future plans, are important.


Career plans, commute times and other factors are also commonly considered before planning a move – And considering your significant other is essential.


Whatever your style, whether you combine finances, share goals or simply compliment each other – The financial conversation is a big one to have for marriage and for moving!


Call us when you are ready to make the move! Get a free moving estimate online now.