Moving Guide – Great Tips for Moving!

Even with expert movers in your corner, moving can incredibly overwhelming and stressful!  Use this comprehensive moving guide filled with great tips for moving to get organized and plan your way to a successful move.

What do I need to do before moving?

Organization and Tasks Lists – Tackle what you can ahead of time!

  • Cancel memberships that are local (Gyms, Costco, etc.)
  • Request any time from work or school (If you need it)
  • Set up transfers and updates for utilities, subscriptions, banks, etc.
  • Pay any bills (that you are able)
  • Finish any real estate documents, rental agreements, etc.
  • Set up record transfers for school and medical records
  • Schedule utilities for on/off services
  • Change of address on
  • Update your license / ID / etc.
  • Finish packing, moving, and scheduling plans. Make sure you have supplies!

Get a Grasp on Inventory

  • Start by getting rid of items you don’t need – donate or recycle what you can
  • Go room by room and do an inventory of large items, breakable items, and general inventory
  • For furniture and other items, take note of the condition it is in to help you ID any damage while you are unpacking

Special Packing Considerations

  • Be sure to keep important documents, school documents, medical information, and current bills in a safe place and move these items yourself!
  • Set aside things you will need in a priority box – Think of it like you are packing for a weekend camping trip. Only the essentials!

Moving Supplies

  • Order moving supplies from your moving company!
  • Alternatively, you can estimate and start to save clean, sturdy boxes in varying sizes in the months leading up to your move
  • Order or purchase tape, furniture pads, and other supply essentials
  • Order permanent markers and labels
  • Order packing paper

Packing & Labeling

  • Pack anything that you can ahead of your move. Seasonal items, clothing, decorations, and other non-essentials can be packed ahead of time
  • Go room through room and pack and organize as you progress
  • Use a color organization and/or labeling systems that make sense! Label contents AND room
  • While hiring movers to handle the packing is certainly the easiest and most efficient route, packing yourself can also be done properly with some great tips.

Moving Day 411

  • Be sure to have a contact number for your movers on moving day
  • Keep your moving contract close
  • Depending on your contract, finalize walkthrough and inventory plans
  • Have all packing and labeling completed unless your moving contract includes
  • Try to enlist help to watch children or pets during your move