Moving Day Expectations and FAQs

Thank you for choosing us to complete your move! Our goal is to provide the best service and support for your relocation.  Below you will find a list of common questions and topics, please review thoroughly.

In an effort to provide our customers with complete understanding and transparency, we have outlined many realistic expectations and discussion items. Providing you this information in contracts and conversation, in addition to below, allows you to plan appropriately. These topics are industry norms that many companies go to great lengths to avoid – Our ethical and honest operations bring them to your attention from day one.

  • Hourly service:  As stated on your contract, in email correspondence and verbally, the estimated time given over the phone or via email is subject to change (Unless a binding quote is provided from a site survey). Our phone estimate is based on the details you have provided. Actual times will vary depending on many different variables, outside of our control.  We provide examples of potential costs based on hourly rates and do our best to be as accurate as possible. Please understand it is in our best interest, as well as yours, to keep the schedule we have estimated and thorough information is required to achieve this. Please disclose all details related to your move.
  • Damage risk: There is an inherent risk of moving furniture. The government requires moving companies to provide $.60 per lb. for damaged items. This is a clear indicator of the high risk of moving used furniture. Each contract clearly states the terms of reimbursement, and in the event of a claim we will only offer $.60 per pound, unless you have selected additional coverage. Our professionals are careful and efficient, but damage may occur as a result of many factors.
  • Insurance and claims process is clearly defined and we must adhere to our procedures. 
Please understand:
  • We cannot remove our shoes to work, it is a safety hazard. As with any labor profession, appropriate footwear is necessary.  If you would like your floors protected we must know in advance, or it is your responsibility to protect floors prior to our arrival. We are not responsible for floor damage. (Dirty floors / carpet, damaged hardwoods, tears in vinyl).
  • Furniture manufactured with particle board, engineered wood or paper laminate finish is highly prone to damage.  This includes, but is not limited to the following manufacturers: IKEA, BUSH, O’SULLIVAN, SAUDER, etc. Due to the risk and structural integrity of this type of “Ready-To-Assemble” furniture, we cannot be responsible for damage. Please understand damage can occur upon simple movement and this is outside of our control.
  • We are not responsible for boxes not packed by our team unless we accidentally drop or mishandle.
  • We are not responsible for tall standing lamps.  For example: Target or IKEA floor lamps.
  • We are not responsible for liquids packed into boxes.
  • We are not responsible for electronics (unless we drop or mishandle).
  • We are not responsible for internal mechanical components of items. For example; Elliptical, Treadmills, Workout Equipment (unless we drop or mishandle).
  • We are not responsible for internal components of washers and dryers. You must provide transit bolts for front load washers and dryers.
  • As stated in all correspondence, after 6pm we charge time and a half for all services.

We take great pride in our work, and have extensive experience completing relocations – We also recognize that moving household and business items includes an inherent risk and heightened stress.  Our number one priority is to provide you an excellent service – Our reputation depends on it! We have a very low claims rate for our industry, and an excellent referral and approval rating from our customers.  Please use this information to plan for your move day!

Please view additional frequently asked questions below, and do not hesitate to contact our team.