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Moving FAQsBelow is a list of moving FAQs so that we can answer some commonly asked moving questions and provide expert moving tips! Moving can be stressful, and eliminating the unknowns will provide peace of mind during your move.  Our team of experts in the office and in the field are available to assist you every step of the way.

The below-moving FAQs cover some common basics! Whether you are moving with Moving Ahead Services, completing your move yourself or hiring another company – Browsing these moving questions will arm you with the questions you need to be asking from the very beginning.

For additional information, including a free moving quote, scheduling your move and more – contact us directly by phone or email.  For suggestions or feedback on our FAQs, please contact us!

How do I know that you are a reputable moving company?

We are fully licensed and insured. Our state licensing number for Ohio is PUCO#157491HG

Moving Ahead is also a member of the BBB with an A+ excellent rating. We have also received the Super Service Award on Angie’s List each year since 2010, a prestigious award that less than 5% of the thousands of businesses on Angie’s List are chosen for. We also invite you to take a look at our testimonials page here to read real reviews from customers just like you. You can also view over 1,000 positive customer reviews across the web!

How are employees hired and screened?

Our hiring process is very extensive. All applicants are screened and background checked, in addition to checking driving history and other related factors.  For every 10+ interviews, we may accept 1 employee.  This has allowed us to shape our team, and maintain a focus on quality.

How big are the trucks?

Most of our trucks are 26′ straight trucks or 16’ box trucks. Please make sure that there is a place for us to park the moving truck or let us know any concerns ahead of time.  We base the size of truck you need off of the number of items you will be moving.

Is there anything that you don’t move?

We move most things, but there are certain things that we cannot move for you. These items include pets, plants, ammunition, medications, aerosols and fuel. It is critical that these items are not packed in with your other household belongings.

Should I tip the movers or buy them lunch?

Like cab drivers and waitresses, it is customary to tip movers, but it is completely up to you. If you feel the movers worked hard and took care of you, then a tip is very much appreciated.

We constantly remind our movers that they should not ask, hint, or in any way make you feel uncomfortable.

What if Moving Ahead Services breaks something?

We have an extremely low rate of claims for our industry. About 2 – 3%.

We have a professional claims process with experienced adjusters who follow state and federal claims guidelines. Please bear in mind that how much you are compensated for a lost or damaged item depends very much on the “valuation” that you put on your goods when you do your paperwork at the beginning of the move. The standard is $.60 / pound, as governed by the law.

How do items get damaged during moving?

Even the most careful, efficient movers may cause damage.  This can be a result of mishandling or accidentally dropping an item – Or also a result of the type of item itself.  The act of moving furniture and boxes, loading them into a truck, driving, unloading, and repositioning can be especially prone to damage for the items noted below:

  • Furniture made of particleboard, engineered wood or paper laminate finish.  Brands like IKEA, Bush, etc. are not meant to be moved once assembled and can be damaged with a simple movement.
  • Floor lamps (tall standing lamps) from brands like Target and Wal-mart are prone to damage if they are unable to be disassembled.
  • Boxes packed DIY may be prone to damage – Adhere to packing best practices for weight and items!
  • Liquids packed into boxes – Take extra care to conceal liquids and keep separate from other items.
  • Electronics should be packed in original manufacturer packaging when possible.
  • Internal mechanical components of items. For example; Elliptical, Treadmills, Workout Equipment
  • Internal components of washers and dryers. Be sure to order transit bolts for front load washers!

Our priority is always our customer, and we have a clear process in place for handling and rectifying damage.  However, having the above information also allows for accurate expectations and careful planning!

I would like to save money on this move. What can I do to keep the price low?

Since local moves are charged by the hour, anything that you do, we don’t have to complete and translates into time and cost savings. We are happy to do a full-service move and complete them frequently. However, if you are trying to control costs;

  • Be completely packed before we get there.
  • Take apart your stereo and computer and pack them in boxes.
  • Take apart your bed frame.
  • Move boxes near the door.
  • Complete some moving of household items on your own.

We’re happy to complete everything required, but if you want to reduce costs we will work on a custom affordable plan for you!

How can I get in touch with you if I have any questions along the way?

We know that moving can be a stressful experience, so we pride ourselves on being there when you need us. Call us during regular business hours or email us anytime. We’re glad to help you with any questions or concerns that may arise during the process. Our fully-trained support staff provides you with answers to all of your moving questions. On the day of your move, you will have access to your moving teams as they are in transit.

How much will my move really cost?

Local moves are charged by the hour, and long-distance moves are charged by weight and distance. Determining the number of hours a local move will take is estimated based on the information you have provided over the phone. While we do our best to estimate, actual times may vary. We can provide a binding price but would need to do a walk-through in advance. We have zero hidden fees and provide all cost information in email correspondence and in contracts.

Please understand it is in our best interest, and yours, to have accurate information to determine an accurate schedule. The process of ‘baiting and switching’ is both unethical and illegal. We will not try to lowball an estimate than present you with an unexpectedly high bill on moving day. Our moving consultants will take you through the process, and rate quote you a competitive hourly rate, and our movers will do a quick, efficient job. Please be upfront and forthcoming about inventory, unique items, or any special circumstances during the planning phases of your move. Most of these factors do not increase the cost of your move with up-charges but may impact the time required.

Where do you operate?

We do long-distance moves anywhere in the continental United States, and we do local moves in Ohio. We also offer international relocation services. Have questions about moves in your area? Give us a call at (877) 643-4044 or send us an e-mail.

Is Moving Ahead Services privately owned?

Yes.  Our business is privately owned and operated.  Every representative and mover is a direct employee of Moving Ahead Services.