Are you making a small house move?  Making a change to your living situation can bring a lot of possibilities but also a lot of uncertainties.  At Moving Ahead Services, we want to help you think through the needed decisions to successfully move you into your new home.  Even those who have a “small house” need professional assistance.  Whether moving the items of one person or a small family, moving is simultaneously exciting and stressful, even if you’re already in a relatively small space.  While you may not have the volume of furniture and belongings that a larger house would entail, you still need help sorting, deciding, packing, and actually moving your valuables to your new home.

What is Considered a “Small House”?

A 1200 square foot house is significantly smaller than the national US average of 2800 square feet.  However, 1200 square feet usually includes two to three bedrooms and one to two bathrooms.  Not including apartments, homes with square footage of less than 1200 square feet are common, especially in the Northeast states.  Homes below 1000 square feet are becoming trendy in certain areas, and are sometimes referred to as ‘Tiny Homes’.  Keep in mind these numbers are relative and can differ greatly depending on the state or region.

Time to Downsize – Large House to a Small House Move

Do you have a nagging feeling that you need to simplify your home?  Are you no longer using certain rooms on a regular basis?  Are you heating unused space causing unnecessarily high electric bills?  Does the thought of cleaning those rooms, or paying someone else to clean them, make you think you have too much house?  Is your yard and outside area too much to properly care for?  Does the general maintenance on your current home require too much time from you on a regular basis?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be contemplating a smaller home.  If you have not yet completed the work of downsizing, check out our Downsizing for Moving Guide.

Small House Move – How Do You Know if You Need Help?

Do you even need help with a small house move?  Before you start packing, remember the reasons why you’re moving.  It will keep you focused on the larger goal as you make decisions through the moving process.  With Moving Ahead Services, our Customer Relations Representatives guide you through the process and expertly recommend a tailored moving solution, so you only get the help you want.  Maybe you only need specific assistance: packing materials, labor for lifting large items, or a driver for your vehicle. We won’t oversell you, and you can trust our team.

Overestimating? Underestimating?

While you may live in a small house and are moving to another small house, many people tend to underestimate how much stuff they have, and overestimate the placement options for their items.  Do you have specialty items or oddly-shaped pieces that need special handling? Are you trying to acquire free boxes but spending too much time doing so?  Is it worth asking friends or family for moving help and have something go wrong?  As a premier moving company, the staff at Moving Ahead Services is licensed and insured, and are trained professionals.  Our commitment is to provide you an efficient, high-value, hassle-free experience, even if you have “only a small house move”.

Ready to take the next step for your move?  Contact Moving Ahead Services today.