White Glove Moving ServiceTable of Contents

What is White Glove Moving Service?

White glove moving services are when a moving company offers an all-in-one moving service. This will typically include packing, wrapping, moving, and cleaning of your home or office. This also often includes disassembly and re-assembly of any furniture involved. Many busy professionals can not be bothered with packing and moving, and this is why the service exists! The idea between white-glove moving is to leave all of the hassles with your movers. It’s generally an expensive service but is completely hands-off.

What to Expect with White Glove Movers

With a white-glove moving service, you can expect to be fully taken care of! A white-glove moving service will generally include all duties associated with moving. This can include Packing, Wrapping, Moving, Assembly, Cleaning, and more. You can expect the moving company to walk you through their entire game plan, and this is a perfect time to make your unique requests. A white-glove moving service will generally cost you a few more dollars than a traditional move. There is more work involved, and this service is generally billed hourly.

Benefits of Using White Glove Moving Service

There are endless benefits to using a white glove moving service, but the most obvious is that it’ll save you a ton of time! Moving is not easy, and having a professional white glove moving company will save you time, and prevent your items from being damaged. A great white glove moving company will pack your items safely, and ensure that nothing is damaged during your move. They specialize in this work, and it’ll give you peace of mind during your move. Not only will the movers handle all of your items, but they will re-assemble items, clean your place, and ensure that no moving materials are left behind. Let the movers do the heavy lifting, so you can prepare for your relocation!

Finding a White Glove Move Provider

Depending on your location, it may be hard to find a professional white glove moving company. You’ll want to do your homework and make sure that the moving company knows what white-glove service, and is capable and trained to handle such a moving job. It’ll be important to ask your movers what their game plan is, and what’s included in the white glove service. Many companies will market for the service, but make sure they understand what’s truly involved in white-glove service. Be sure to ask questions on how they plan to pack and unload, as well as assembly of any unique items. Finally, be sure to check their reviews! A white-glove moving service should be close to 5 stars, or it may not be worth the headaches.

White Glove Moving Quotes

Finding a white-glove moving quote is as easy as filling out our quote form! However, if you’re not located within our service area, you’ll want to consider a few things. If the company is not local, you may incur some additional fees for travel. Generally, the closer the moving company, the lower the rates will be. We highly recommend getting on the phone with the company you plan to hire. This will allow you to discuss all of your items, and your move in greater detail. No move is exactly the same, and being informative early will give you a better idea of the total cost involved.

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