Shuffle Board Movers

Do you need to move a Shuffleboard to a new home or office?  Moving Ahead Services, a moving company with it’s own culture of “work hard, play hard”, knows the value of maintaining a pristine Shuffleboard for your home or office environment.  In addition to traditional local- and long-distance moving services, we are experienced in carefully crating and moving precious objects.  Shuffleboards, like pianos and pool tables, require great care and attention during a move, beyond the needs of traditional packing and padding.

Fundamentally, the employees of Moving Ahead Services understand the importance of the iconic office team builder and family game table.  Certain items are key to an office’s company culture and to “game night” in a family home.  A Shuffleboard works only with an unblemished, smooth, concave surface and a balanced, level assembly.  The weighted pucks need to move freely across the waxed game surface.  Moving Ahead Services will build an appropriate crate, custom-made for the dimensions of your Shuffleboard.  In addition, we will move your Shuffleboard to a new home or office and reassemble it to your exact specifications.

If ‘sliding the groat’ is part of your recreation and you need to move a Shuffleboard, contact Moving Ahead Services to carefully and efficiently move it to your new location.