Pool Table Movers Near MePool Table Movers Near Me

Are you looking to move your pool table? If so, it’ll be important to consider a few options, and properly plan to ensure that your pool table move is a success. Hiring pool table movers is a no-brainer when you consider the weight and complexity of your pool table. Pool tables can weight from 200 to 1000 pounds, and often have many screws and bolts to ensure structural stability. Disassembly of a pool table takes time and knowledge! Hiring a local pool table moving company will allow you to save time, and headaches, ensuring that your pool table relocation is completed on time, and damage-free. Before you hire a pool table moving company, you should do your due diligence, and check their ratings, reviews, and ensure that they are licensed, insured, and bonded to handle your pool table. This will save you headaches and heartbreak!

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What to Expect When Hiring Pool Table Movers

You can expect to answer a few preliminary questions before getting a quote from your pool table moving company. You’ll want to be prepared with the size of your table, the year the table was made, and also how many slates your pool table has. Generally, pool tables have 3 heavy slates, but some older tables may have 1 large slate that is extremely heavy. If you have an older pool table, the price may go up since it’ll require 3-5 movers instead of 1-2 movers. The moving company may want to do a walk-through prior to quoting to get a better idea of how complicated the move may be. Generally, the movers will be considering the size, distance, and difficulty of the relocation. Once in agreement on pricing, the movers will show up on time, and prepare a game-plan. This may require them to move items out of the pathway, and remove doors. Once the game plan is set, the movers will start to disassemble your pool table, and safely move it to their moving truck. During this time, the moving crew will ensure that all table items are covered in furniture padding, and are safe for transit. The team will also separate any hardware, and label for re-assembly. Once the table is moved safely to the truck, they will ensure that all items are strapped down and safe for transport. Finally, the movers will plan a route in its final destination, and safely move it, and re-assemble.

Pool Table Moving FAQs

Can you move my table in one piece?

Very small pool hall tables can sometimes be moved in one piece. However, every other style will need to be disassembled to avoid damage to the frame or slate. Furthermore, moving a pool table in one piece will throw off it’s leveling, and potentially affect the playability.

Do you offer insurance for my pool table?

We offer insurance for your move! Many companies will also offer additional insurance to ensure the full value of your table is covered. Be sure to ask your pool table movers if they have the proper insurance to cover your pool table.

How can I tell how much my pool table weights?

You can generally find the weight of your pool table by researching your model. Most manufacturers have these specifications listed on their websites, or within their product manuals. If you’re unsure of the weight, you can try your best to estimate. The weight of the table should not be a major factor to pool table moving providers.

Do you refelt and level after moving?

Moving Ahead Services does not refelt, or level your table after moving it. However, some companies may offer this service. We strongly advise you to find a company that specializes in these services to ensure that your pool table is in top playability shape. Refelting is a complicated process that includes over 500 staples. You will want this service to be completed by a professional that has plenty of experience in refelting tables and leveling.

Pool Table Moving Costs & Prices

The cost of moving your pool table can vary depending on the type of pool table, the size, the distance the table has to travel, and the weight. All of the variations matter, and can affect the final price greatly. Pool table moving providers will also quote you with either a flat rate or an hourly. This is important to consider as hourly could get costly if you’re not upfront and honest about the move at hand. Flat rates can also include additional fees if you do not plan properly. It’s important to give your moving rep all possible information up-front to avoid any additional fee’s during your move. Moving Ahead Services offers hourly rates to move your table, as it’s often more customer-friendly in pricing. If you want to save money on your pool table move, you can disassemble the table yourself, and only pay for the moving service.

Pool Table Moving Quotes

Getting a pool table moving quote from Moving Ahead Services is as easy as filling out the quick quote form on this page. We only need some basic information to get started, and we will likely give you a phone call to verify all of the details we just discussed in the article. If forms are not your thing, then give us a call at (440) 256-2224. We look forward to hearing about your pool table, and offering you the safest and most affordable pool table relocation in your area.