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XLarge Box 6.0 CUFT Box dimensions: 24″ x 18″ x 24″ (6.0 cu/ft) IDEAL FOR LIGHT WEIGHT BULKY ITEMS.  LINENS, PILLOWS

Moving Ahead Services offers an extra large box to help you pack for a move. This 24” x 18” x 24” box stands at six cubic feet and is constructed from thick, sturdy cardboard that will stay strong against dampness or sharp edges. The extra large box is ideal for packing bulky yet lightweight items such as linens, pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals. When you have one of our extra large boxes on hand, you will hopefully feel more at ease about packing knowing that you will be able to fit a lot of items into one container. Many people gather previously used boxes from friends and family, which results in more damage for your belongings since you are dealing with weak boxes, and finding big boxes like our extra large one is even more challenging and aggravating, but by ordering boxes from us, you guarantee yourself an adequate quantity of boxes in the proper sizes and protective quality.

You can purchase our extra large box or other packing supplies without enlisting our packing or moving services, but we do recommend to all of our customers to have us execute your move for you. By having our professionally trained movers pack your belongings, they can ensure that your items are packed as safely and effectively as possible, packing your extra large box with unbeatable efficiency. Then, by having them load and unload everything, they can also make sure that no one gets injured and no items are damaged, as they have learned in their extensive training the best methods for lifting and carrying a full extra large box without dropping it. We offer our extra large box at a low price, so be sure to purchase an extra large box while we have them in stock.