Student Apartment Kit


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Student Apartment Kit – 10 Small Boxes, 5 Medium Boxes, 5 Large Boxes, 3 Rolls of 55yd Tape, Tape Gun, 25lbs Packing Paper

Moving Ahead Services provides student apartment kits that are ideal for those who are moving out of a college dormitory or apartment. Each student apartment kit comes with ten small boxes, five medium boxes, five large boxes, three rolls of tape that are 55 yards long each, a tape gun, and 25 pounds of packing paper. The quantities for the included boxes were determined based on research and in-field experience, typically providing more than what the average customer will need to be on the safe side. Each of the boxes in our student apartment kit has been constructed from strong and sturdy cardboard that will resist tearing, collapsing, and caving, ensuring that the belongings you pack in them will be safe and sound throughout the entire duration of your move. The tape will obviously come in handy for sealing your boxes and making sure that all of your items will be securely contained, while the packing paper is great for lining the insides of your boxes to give your items cushioning.

The student apartment kit saves families a lot of headaches over gathering the necessary supplies to relocate a student, often reducing a lot of stress and arguing over preparation. To make matters even easier, you can also hire our packing services so that our certified movers can ensure optimal protection for your belongings and use the supplies conservatively so that you don’t run out of anything. We have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the usefulness of our student apartment kit and are sure that it will work well for you. Purchasing a kit is also very cost-effective, as gathering each portion of the included supplies individually is a lot more expensive. Everything in our student apartment kit will arrive to you new and ready to protect your belongings.