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LAMP BOX – DIMENSIONS ARE 12″ x 12″ x 40″.

Our lamp box is specifically designed to fit and protect the shape of a lamp so that you can pack your lamp safely rather than leave it out in the open with the rest of your belongings. The 12” x 12” x 40” cardboard surfaces are thick and strong enough to protect any average-sized lamp from any elements that may cause damage, whether they be seasonal conditions outside or items or substances that are loaded in the vehicle with the lamp. When loading a lamp, most people will lay the lamp down or stand it up in a truck, but either way leaves the lamp susceptible to damage. By laying the lamp down flat, it can roll around or be fallen upon by another object. When it is standing up, it can easily fall over and break on impact. By using the box to pack it in, however, your lamp will be much more likely to arrive to your new home unscathed for you to continue enjoying its use.

If you do have any lamps that you are planning to have moved, we recommend that you allow our expertly trained crew handle the loading and unloading of your lamps, as they know exactly how to pack and load lamps so that they are at their safest while on the road. Rather than stuffing your lamp into the backseat of your vehicle so that it reaches the front and gets in the way of your driving, our movers will have your lamp packed securely in its box and then lay it on its side against a wall where it is out of danger from falling debris. Many customers have had positive experiences with our lamp boxes, as they will maintain the safety and full functioning of virtually any lamp.