Dish Barrel


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DISH BARREL 4.5CUFT – Box dimensions are: 18″ x 18″ x 28″ (5.2 cu/ft).

Moving Ahead Services offers a dish barrel box that, as its name clearly suggests, is perfect for packing your dishes. The dish barrel features dimensions of 18” x 18” x 28”. Rather than precariously stacking your dishes in a regular box where they will be too susceptible to breaking should the box shift the wrong way, tip over, or even be set down with too much force, you can use the dish barrel so that each of your dishes are held firmly in place throughout your move. The outside of the box is clearly marked arrows and a label that warns you as to what angle from which you should lift the box so that you never pick it up from the wrong end. Imagine arriving to your new home and being excited to prepare your first meal in it, only to unpack your dishes and find that they have all shattered to some extent. Or, you could have decorative irreplaceable chinaware of sentimental value that may break and leave you frustrated. Instead of setting yourself up for possible disappointment, you can get a dish barrel and experience the satisfaction of unpacking dishes that are in the same excellent condition as they were when you packed them.

The dish barrel is a favorite for our customers at Moving Ahead Services, being a uniquely useful product that is unavailable in such high quality from most suppliers in our industry. We frequently recommend the dish barrel and have never encountered a customer who has been unsatisfied with it. Our dish barrel box was constructed with research in order to optimize its efficiency in protecting your dishes.