3000+ sq. ft. Household Kit


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Package Includes:
80 – Small Boxes (1.5 cu. ft.)
80 – Medium Boxes (3 cu. ft.)
20 – Dish Barrels (4.5 cu. ft.)
30 – Large Boxes (4.5 cu. ft.)
15 – X-Large Boxes (6 cu. ft.)
12 – 24″ Grand Wardrobe w/ Bar
30 – Packing Tape Rolls (55 yards)
4 – Rolls of 25lbs Packing Paper

We offer a household kit for homes of 3000 square feet or more. The 3000+ sq. ft. household kit offers everything you could need to pack up a home of such a large size. This particular kit includes 80 small boxes, 80 medium boxes, 20 dish barrel boxes, 30 large boxes, 15 extra-large boxes, 12 24” grand wardrobe boxes Additionally there are 30 rolls of tape that are 55 yards each, and four 25 pound rolls of packing paper to give you a total of 100 pounds of packing paper. Each box is built from thick cardboard that will stand strong against outside forces, whether they experience any wetness or contact with other objects. The small and medium boxes will accommodate a broad variety of objects, such as toiletries, office supplies, and electronics. While the large and extra-large boxes can fit small appliances, pillows, blankets, or anything bulkier. The dish barrel boxes offer protection for your dishes or any chinaware you may have. The grand wardrobe boxes will contain your clothing. Meanwhile, the tape and packing paper are intended to provide secure cushioning for your belongings.