25lbs Packing Paper


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We offer 25lbs Packing Paper to help protect your belongings during a move. We usually suggest our packing paper for wrapping dishes, glass, or anything fragile where bubble wrap alone won’t cut it. Our packing paper comes in 25 pound rolls, which is more than an adequate amount of paper for the average move. If you also take advantage of our packing services, your items will be guaranteed even more safety, as our experienced movers are trained on how to properly secure all sorts of objects with packing paper for optimal protection. Oftentimes, when people are using packing paper on their own, they either do not apply enough to one object, they don’t wrap the object tightly enough, or they don’t implement enough surrounding cushioning for the object with the packing paper. We recommend having our movers pack your items for you for such reasons, but if you would like to do the packing yourself, our customer service representatives will be more than happy to advise you over the phone regarding how much packing paper to use and how to use it. Call Moving Ahead Services today if you would like to use packing paper to assist you with your move.