24″ Grand Wardrobe w/bar


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24″ Grand Wardrobe w/ bar – Dimensions are – 24″ x 22″ x 48″ (15.0 cu/ft). 24” hanging bar is included. (Wardrobe Moving Boxes)

Our grand wardrobe box with bar is ultimately a larger version of our regular-sized wardrobe box. Offering you the ability to hang more of your clothing for your move safely. The grand wardrobe box features dimensions of 24” x 32” x 48”. Grand wardrobes are built from sturdy and thick cardboard that will maintain their durability. Preventing the box from softening upon wetness or collapsing in if other objects apply pressure or weight. The grand wardrobe box is ideal for protecting your clothing during your move. Allowing it to maintain its excellent condition by remaining hung on hangers. If you are moving your wardrobe, this is the best wardrobe moving box!