24″ Grand Wardrobe w/bar


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24″ Grand Wardrobe w/ bar – Dimensions are – 24″ x 22″ x 48″ (15.0 cu/ft). 24” hanging bar is included.

The grand wardrobe box with bar is ultimately a larger version of our regular sized wardrobe box, offering you the ability to safely hang more of your clothing for your move. The grand wardrobe box features dimensions of 24” x 32” x 48” and is built from tough and thick cardboard that will maintain its durability against most outside forces, preventing the box from softening upon wetness or collapsing in if pressure or weight is applied by other objects. The grand wardrobe box is ideal for protecting your clothing during your move and allowing it to maintain its excellent condition by remaining hung on hangers. While your more formal articles of clothing should probably be prioritized first, the grand wardrobe box is able to fit a lot more clothing than its smaller companion, granting you the opportunity to keep a lot of your casual wear hung up as well.

The grand wardrobe box also eases the packing and unpacking process by removing the time that it takes to fold and unfold from the equation. You can simply hang your clothes on the bar, close the top of the box, and then, once in your new home, open the box and lift each article of clothing from the bar to hang in your new closet. By using the grand wardrobe box, you can keep a large portion of your clothing safe from potential stains, rips, wrinkles, or other blemishes that may occur from seasonal elements or the surrounding items in your vehicle. Many of our customers appreciate the grand wardrobe box for its simple yet effective functionality and the unbeatable protection that it grants for their clothing. The grand wardrobe box is a unique product that is not offered in such great quality for such a reasonable price by other suppliers.