Move 4 HungerHunger continues to impact far too many of our citizens.

Did you know that before the COVID-19 pandemic, 10% of American homes experienced food insecurity? As the COVID-19 crisis deepened, hunger continues to impact far too many of our citizens.

Moving Ahead Services believes no American should go hungry. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with Move For Hunger to help our neighbors experiencing economic peril.

Do you want to help us fight hunger? Read on to learn how to give back to the community.

A Fight Hunger Partnership

Hunger and food insecurity impacts many demographics, and the statistics are staggering. Wages for workers across the US have stagnated since 1980 while the price of everything continues to rise. As it stands, the average worker is, at best, treading water by working longer hours than ever before.

At worst, they’re falling behind. 2017 US Census Data shows 39.7 million Americans live in poverty. These are hardworking Americans who work long hours and still don’t have enough to feed themselves or their families.

Why Moving Companies?

Food banks and other donation centers are the most common ways you fight hunger in your community. While food pantry workers and organizations have a noble goal, the current infrastructure doesn’t exist for widescale community impact.

For example, while we have a severe hunger problem in the United States, almost 40% of the American food supply gets wasted every year.

Move For Hunger realizes our fellow citizens can’t only rely on the Americans who donate food. Curtailing that food waste will go a long way, and that’s why they’ve teamed with moving companies like Moving Ahead Services.

Our moving trucks will now serve as mobile donations centers that allow you to donate the food you’d throw away during a move.

How to Fight Hunger With Our Help

People leave food behind in homes and apartments when they move. Often in the form of canned goods, people leave enough food behind to feed multiple families. Not wanting to pack it, they leave the landlord or tenant to deal with it, and it’s often thrown away.

Move For Hunger teams with socially responsible moving companies all across the country to rescue food from waste and get it to those in need. Our movers are now able to take any food you’d throw away during a move. We’ll box it up and deliver it to the closest food bank or pantry.

In other words, we provide the wheels necessary to transport food to the hungry. If you’re interested in fighting hunger, Moving Ahead Services offers a sustainable solution for your next move.

It’s Everyone’s Responsibility to Fight Hunger

Moving Ahead Services believe it’s the responsibility of every American to ensure our neighbors have enough to eat. Unfortunately, far too many among us still experience food insecurity.

That’s why we’re proud to team with Move For Hunger. Our trucks will now serve as donation centers and delivery vehicles for any donation.

Are you ready to fight hunger today? Moving Ahead Services is committed to eradicating food insecurity for all Americans. Contact us for your next move to contribute to the effort.