Tune in to WTAM 1100!

Moving Bill Wills of WTAM 1100

Despite the rain and gray skies yesterday, the Moving Ahead Services Cleveland office had the pleasure of completing a move for Mr. Bill Wills of WTAM 1100 IHeart Radio. Straight off the air, Mr. Wills arrived ready for the big day! Two 26′ foot trucks later and the Wills family is getting settled into their new home.


Rainy Day Moving

Year ’round in Northeast Ohio it can be difficult, if not impossible, to predict the weather on a daily basis. In order to combat a rainy day move yesterday, our pros put some extra steps in place to make the loading and unloading process easy, dry and safe. From floor coverings to wrapping the truck ramp and deck, taking these extra steps ensure that during the fast-paced, careful process of loading and unloading moving trucks – That everyone had good traction and dry working surfaces!

“Mr. Wills and his family were incredibly accommodating, and we were able to load the trucks right off the garage.” Taylor, a crew leader told us about yesterday’s move. “We even stopped to pose for a quick picture, despite some rain!”

Planning Your Cleveland Area Move

From real estate details to weather and everything in between – Your move has enough unknowns! Hiring our experts can ensure that we are prepared to tackle anything that arises before, during and after your moving day. It is always a pleasure to work with our local IHeart Radio celebrities – And we look forward to serving you!

A BIG thank you to our hardworking movers, and to the Wills family. Congratulations on the big move!