Tune in to the Radio Endorsement for Moving Ahead Services

If you aren’t sure if Moving Ahead Services is the right company for you, if the 300-plus positive Angie’s List reviews still aren’t convincing you of our abilities, then what about a radio endorsement from WGAR’s LeeAnn Sommers?

That’s right. LeeAnn Sommers of popular Cleveland radio station WGAR devoted a 30 second radio spot to praising Moving Ahead Services and the great job we did in helping her move. Having a radio endorsement may not seem like that big of a deal, but companies are constantly fighting for air time that endorses their products and services. We didn’t even have to ask after the excellent service that we provided for LeeAnn.

According to Chris Muehleisen, account executive for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, LeeAnn’s radio endorsement for Moving Ahead Services was one of the most incredible endorsements Muehleisen has heard in his years with Clear Channel. We would not be receiving such an endorsement if we were not a reputable, credible, and high-quality company, so LeeAnn’s endorsement truly speaks volumes about our services.

We highly encourage you to listen to the endorsement yourself by finding it on our home page. Cleveland is a city full of thriving businesses, so for one to be given air time on a major radio station without even having to request it is a big deal. However, if you find that you’re still skeptical at this point for whatever reason, the best way to learn the truth about our services is to see them in action for yourself. Enlist the aid of Moving Ahead Services for your next move and be as amazed as LeeAnn Sommers.

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