Thanksgiving Food Drive at MAS

A little friendly competition goes a long way in our office!  While we have been collecting food for Move For Hunger all year, during the holiday season we wanted to up the ante.  For the next month our pro movers are competing in a Thanksgiving food drive to see who can collect the most food! The winner gets ultimate bragging rights, and a cash prize to start their holiday season off on a great foot.

Thanksgiving food driveEvery single donation matters! In every community, our neighbors, coworkers, friends and acquaintances are among the individuals that truly struggle to put food on the table on a regular basis.  The holidays can be especially difficult – Food prices may increase, and cherished family time can be put on the back burner because a family just simply cannot afford meals and other daily necessities.  While it may be easy to think that during the holiday times there is an outpouring of support – It is incredibly important to remember that every little bit helps and every single donation is important.

The Move for Hunger program is a great fit for our customers!  Many times during the moving process it can be easy to just throw away items instead of packing the pantry for your move.  Having a Move for Hunger box at your home or office is a great way to give back with no extra work!  We will bring you a box, and pick it up on your move day.  We of course also accept any other donations and can schedule pick up and drop off arrangements if necessary! For our cleaning customers, we frequently bring a M4H box and while we complete our cleaning tasks, you can easily clean out your pantry and we’ll take it with us when we leave.

Our Thanksgiving Food Drive is our way of trying to raise the stakes so to speak, and collect more food than ever.  Our expert movers in Ohio have been challenged with collecting the most amounts, so we can quickly get the items delivered to those in need.  Non-perishables are the priority, but we would always be happy to arrange collection for anything that required immediate distribution.  Even if you aren’t moving in the coming month, try to find a way to help out in your community!

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