Team Members of the Month for May 2013

Moving Ahead Services in both Cleveland and Columbus recognize employees for exemplary behavior and overall motivational traits. The team members of the month for May 2013, Tim and Matt, were selected as the MAS stars. Displaying positive attitudes and a professional, friendly demeanor, Tim and Matt are both critical in the long-term goals for growth and achievement at Moving Ahead Services.

In the moving industry, employees spend almost all of their time out in the field, so it is crucial that these employees are empowered to make decisions and have the ability to handle situations as they arise. With both a need for managerial and decision-making skills, MAS team members are trained to always fulfill the job and uphold the highest level of customer service standards.

Tim and Matt both have outstanding attendance records, which also plays a very important role in an industry that not only relies on attendance, but also the ability to show up and give 100% effort every day! Without the typical job structure that often holds employees accountable for attendance and performance, Moving Ahead works very hard to ensure that our employees are representing themselves and our company in a positive, motivating manner. Tim and Matt put in a lot of time and effort to be awarded Team Members of the Month for May 2013.

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