Moving Ahead Services to Attend AMSA’s 96th Annual Education Conference and Expo

Moving Ahead Services is excited and proud to be attending the upcoming 96th Annual Education Conference and Expo from the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). If you are unfamiliar, the AMSA is self-described as “the only national association for the full-service, professional moving and storage industry.” The conference is to be held in Orlando, Florida from February 8-11, 2015, and it is a great opportunity for us to learn more about our industry and improve our services for customers.

The conference will allow us to attend various educational sessions and panels that feature speakers with seasoned experience in the moving services industry. From these sessions, we can learn about new innovations, problematic scenarios that other industry leaders have experienced and how they dealt with them, the latest and greatest equipment and vehicles that should be used, customer service and sales training and solutions, and general tips and tricks to be successful in our industry.

In addition to attending these informational sessions, the conference will also be an opportunity for us to network and grow our relationships with others in the industry. We hope to be able to meet new clients and associates while also getting the chance to check in with current clients and associates on how we have been servicing them and what adjustments we can make to better our efforts.

As a company that values learning and bettering our services for further customer satisfaction, we are greatly looking forward to attending this convention. We hope and expect to gain valuable insight that we will return to our Cleveland headquarters with. Upon our return, we intend to meet with all managers and share the information we have learned with them so that we can spread the knowledge among our offices. If there are any new concepts or practices that we would like to implement, special meetings and training sessions will be held for our movers and customer service representatives so that they can be more successful in their everyday endeavors.

Moving Ahead Services is a certified member of the AMSA due to our dedication to our services and steadfast professionalism. By attending the 2015 conference, it is our goal to stay updated on current industry matters and to better our business in any way that we can. Moving Ahead Services constantly seeks improvement for our devoted moving services, forever aiming to reduce as much stress as possible in the lives of hardworking customers like you.

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