Move For Hunger Mover of the Year

Moving Ahead Services Named Move For Hunger Van Line Partner – Mover of the Year

Move For Hunger Mover of the YearThe Move for Hunger Mover of the Year announcement and award presentation came at the 2016 Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Conference in San Diego earlier this month.  We are incredibly humbled and excited by this recognition! We are also incredibly grateful for our generous customers and communities – as well as our hard working, dedicated team.

The Move For Hunger Mover of the Year Award

Each year, the award is presented to an affiliate of a Move For Hunger van line.  The awards recognize efforts to promote food collection, hunger relief and overall program engagement.  In addition to the total amount of food donated, a variety of factors are taken into consideration.

    • Quantity of food donations
    • Frequency and consistency
    • Event and drive participation
    • Fundraising efforts
    • Move For Hunger cross promotion
    • Membership and overall participation

This award is made possible because of our generous, thoughtful customers and consistent efforts by our team members to go above and beyond to make sure food is not wasted on ANY move!

A Brief History: Over 3,000 Life Saving Meals

Since kicking off with Move for Hunger in 2014, Moving Ahead Services customers and employees have consistently donated and participated in food collection efforts across our communities.  This has amounted to over 3,600 pounds of food collected and distributed to food banks, pantries and similar organizations across northeast and central Ohio.  This equates to over 3,000 meals for those in need!

While the amount in itself is impressive, we are also proud and grateful for the continued, consistent donations.

Stay tuned in the future, we are excited to further our partnership and participation with Move for Hunger – Including drives, events and more.

Make Your Move Matter

Move for Hunger is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.  As a partner, Moving Ahead Services will arrange and deliver your food donations throughout your move (and throughout the year!).

Moving can often lead to pantry items and non-perishables getting tossed in the trash, and these donations provide meals for those desperately in need in our communities.  Donate your food when you move!

Call us today for information on food donation, getting your business involved in Move For Hunger, assistance during a food drive and more. We are here to help!

Thank you to the amazing Move For Hunger Team, we appreciate all that you do!

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

We had a wonderful time in sunny, warm California!  Thank you to the Stevens Family for hosting us, and for supporting Move For Hunger and our efforts.  It was an incredible experience to meet and talk with the industry’s best and brightest!