Holiday Food Drive Recap

The Results Are In – Drumroll Please!

Food drive totals were incredible! Our offices collected a total of 1,600 pounds of food for United Way. Despite all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we truly had the best support.  Our customers, neighbors, family, friends and team all came through to donate! We couldn’t be more grateful, and are so proud to have such wonderful communities to call home.  For our first official food drive, we’d say it was a great success!

In the first week, we collected about 580 pounds of food!  Much of this was in large part to our generous customers, as part of the Move for Hunger program.  As a Move for Hunger partner, our team reminds each of our customers that we collect food they would dispose of.  Any non-perishable items from cupboards, pantries and the likes are loaded into a Move for Hunger box during move day.  This has allowed us to collect and donate hundreds of pounds of food, most of which would have gone to waste!  Moving is busy and often overwhelming, this allows an easy way to donate without the hassle!


The Final Stretch – Food Drive Wrap Up

In the final week of the food drive, we had community drop offs, our neighbors donated, customers continued to contribute and our teams and their families also donated. Every single donation counts! 1 can of food from 30 people certainly adds up. We had boxes upon boxes of canned goods, PB&J, formula and more.  It was powerful to see it all in one place!

Our drop off at United Way was welcomed with applause and true appreciation.  While hunger in Ohio is an ongoing issue throughout the year, the holidays can be especially taxing.  Food pantries are tasked with feeding more people than ever, and children aren’t receiving school lunches – Adding to the long list of those in need.

A Little Friendly Competition

In the spirit of the season, we decided to make our Holiday food drive as motivating as possible! We challenged our teams in Cleveland and Columbus, as well as offering a top collection incentive and a lunch party. While the totals were close, our Cleveland office came out with the big WIN! Ron, a member of our team in Cleveland, was recognized for collecting over 300 pounds of food from customers!