Happy Thanksgiving!

Our offices are bursting at the seams with gratitude and holiday cheer!  This time of year it is impossible to miss the infectious cheer and holiday spirit at Moving Ahead Services.  We have some great news to share about our Thanksgiving food drive, and all of the wonderful help we have received in our communities!

Here’s the Story: This Thanksgiving we decided to do a food drive, asking customers for donations for our Move for Hunger program.  The contest between our Cleveland and Columbus offices was simple – Collect the most food, and the winner gets a cash prize!

The support and friendly rivalry was incredible!  MAS pros collected near 600 pounds of food in 3 weeks!  Our Cleveland moving pro, Dan C. came in first place.  He collected over 230 pounds of food! Taylor came in 2nd place, with over 100 pounds of food collected.

All of us are grateful to everyone that hustled in the name of hunger this month –  THANK YOU to all of our team members!

Most importantly, THANK YOU to our customers for your big hearts and generous donations!

Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching – We had to figure out a game plan! We actually cut the contest short by a few days (unofficially) to ensure we can get distributions done!   As you may have read, MAS is working with Asa’s Angels this year for their Christmas Gifts for Kids program.  When we heard that they were in desperate need of Thanksgiving donations, we knew just what to do!

Friday afternoon, a few of us sorted through our boxes to find items fit for a Thanksgiving feast! Canned veggies, potatoes and desserts were rounded up, loaded up and packed up!  But wait, because we didn’t stop there!

Jeff Collins and Moving Ahead Services purchased 10 turkeys for donation, as well as additional canned goods and 50 pounds of potatoes!

This trend continued through the weekend and into this week!  Our Columbus pros made their donation to Mid-Ohio Food Bank and CLE has dropped off additional donations to United Way of Lake County for their efforts, as well as requested that they contribute appropriate items to End 68 Hours of Hunger and Birthright.

Absolutely none of this would have been possible without our generous, selfless customers, donors in the community that took it upon themselves to purchase turkeys and more (In addition to what we dropped off!) our hardworking team in the field, and of course to Asa’s Angels, Move for Hunger, Mid-Ohio Food Bank and the United Way of Lake County.  This Thanksgiving we are thankful for YOU!

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