Google 360* Tour

Google 360 Tour

Take the Grand Tour at our Willoughby Office!

Our latest Google 360 Tour is a great way to check out our Willoughby office, regardless of where you live!  While many of our customers are able to visit in person, this is a great alternative for those not currently living in Northeast Ohio.

Google 360 Tour Features

After you get the hang of the navigation, the tour is a step by step view of inside our offices and warehouse.  Beginning at our door, the tour takes you through our conference area and into each of the office spaces.  From your very first phone call through to the day of your move and beyond, this is where the magic happens.  Our dedicated pros waited patiently out of sight, displaced by the photographer as he moved through the areas!

For our customers that have visited in the past, meeting with our planning experts, picking up supplies or grabbing items from storage – our office is always running at full speed.

Past our offices, the revered ping pong table takes up permanent residence before the entry to our storage area.  Many debates and stressful days have met their match with a quick game!

Touring our Storage Space

While it may not be glamorous to look out, our larger storage area has been a great addition to our Willoughby office.  In the early days, storage cages served their purpose – But we quickly outgrew them and filled the space!  Now we use storage crates, allowing us to maximize the space and providing even more value for our clients.  Easy access allows us to be flexible with customer requests, and we can always accommodate pick up and drop off scheduling.

See for Yourself!

View the full Google 360 Tour here – Or stop by and visit Moving Ahead Services in person today!