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Customer Service: Consumers and Businesses Play Equally Important Roles!

As consumers, we hear and see the adage ‘customer service is a thing of the past,’ but that just isn’t the case at our offices. Our success was built, and continues to grow, on the high expectations for customer service from our management team as well as our employees!  Here is how, as consumers and businesses, we can work together to strengthen customer service relationships!

Communicate: More often than not, we are quick as consumers to identify the poor service and not always the professional performances. As a business, it is crucial to hear both the pros and cons of working with us, and as consumers, it is our responsibility to relay the information. If you have a question or concern, voice it! And, if necessary, demand answers. If the company you are working with, regardless of the specialty or trade, is unwilling or unable to help, it is time to look elsewhere.

Publicize: With blogs, reviews, social media, and entire sites existing solely for consumer feedback- it’s about time that we start making use of them! How often have you looked to an online source before purchasing a product or using a company’s services? It is likely that it has happened and even impacted your ultimate decision. This helps weed out the bad guys and helps the good guys prosper. We are constantly asked about our online reviews. Yes, they’re real! And yes, we work very hard for the positive feedback!

Contact Etiquette: As consumers, we are quick to fly off the handle when things are going poorly, and all too often, businesses are equally guilty of sticking the proverbial head in the sand when issues arise. Treat everyone with respect and understand that mistakes do happen. It is the reaction and corrective measures that display a company’s true colors. If companies could review consumers, the naughty list would probably be a mile long. It is important to understand that most companies have good intentions and research as consumers plays a major role in getting the ones that do not have such intentions out of the picture.

Management: Lead by example and, in many cases, spend the necessary time giving your employees the knowledge and empowerment to get the job done right. Moving Ahead’s management team has a role in every single move that is completed. It is hard work, but it has led to satisfaction around every turn!

Businesses and consumers can better our economy, communities, and overall consumer satisfaction by setting the bar high. Both performance and feedback are equally important and the efforts pay off in the long run for all!

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