Corporate Relocation Services at SHRM Ohio 2016

 2016 Ohio SHRM Conference

corporate-relocation-services-shrmHighlighting our corporate relocation services at the 2016 OHIO SHRM Conference was a great opportunity to meet company HR representatives in a variety of industries and business sizes. Corporate relocation is certainly a heated topic! We were in great company with vendors from across the country, gathering at Sandusky’s impressive Kalahari resort. For those that have not been, Kalahari is pretty incredible. Instructions consisted of ‘take a left at the elephant and a right at the giraffe’ as the entire grounds (inside and out) are decorated with animal paintings, statues and safari decor.
Relocating employees, executives and new hires is definitely a task that cannot be taken lightly.  Whether you have an employee taking a new position, or you have hired a new candidate – The last thing you want to happen is a bad experience during their relocation process!

Navigating Corporate Relocation Services

Many seasoned HR pros don’t know the ins and outs of relocation. Much like you would trust an accountant for your taxes or an agency to strategize marketing – The specialists are expected to navigate the murky waters of what can be a complicated or time consuming (not to mention expensive) process.
One horror story we heard this week was from a company division of a major US brand. They had received an estimate from their corporate preferred provider.  The estimate came in over 70% higher than the final quote.  This caused the office to go into a tail spin – They had found their perfect candidate – But the cost to relocate him and his family of 8 was through the proverbial roof! This temporary insanity was relieved after the final bid arrived, but they almost lost their hire in the process.
Other corporate relocation tales included misguided and disorganized efforts to provide 3rd party solutions – Which is common in relocation – ultimately ending up in poor experiences and high costs.

Corporate Relocation at MAS

At Moving Ahead Services, our corporate division is immersed in employee relocation.  Whether you are moving 1 employee a year, 10, 100 or 1000. Your executives and employees are treated with the upmost respect and your bid is always competitive (Often 30-40% less than national and local competitors) with no annual fees and no minimums. The difference?  A BETTER SERVICE!   Our extensive in-house service menu means we are not contracting out. We have complete control over who is in your home, your business and ultimately your reputation.  This control and service umbrella allows us to bid very competitively since we are not paying a 3rd party company to complete the service – End of story!

Finding a Better Way to Relocate

When it has come to the point where your relocations are frustrating, embarrassing or cause for concern (mentally, or on your budget) you need to call our experts.  There is a very clear pain point for the HR executives we met this week, and we can solve it! Many HR professionals may simply do things the way they have always been done, without the information to make an informed change.
Moving Ahead Services can relocate employees and executives coming into or out of Ohio – As well as anywhere else in the country for our national accounts, and abroad for international candidates.  Trust your relocations to our experts, and trust that every single move we make is done with integrity, thoughtfulness and the commitment to quality you need to depend on.