Why People Are Moving

Why People Decide to Move

Every year nearly 12 percent of the American population decides to pack their bags and relocate to a new home. Ever wonder why? We have, and decided to ask our customers to help us understand our customer base a little better. We’ve compiled the most popular reasons that our customers are moving. Learn more about why our customers within the Ohio, Pennslyvania, and Florida regions are moving.

Better Housing

The most popular reason that our customers are choosing to relocate is that they want a better house than they currently have. 37% of our customers decided that they wanted to live in a better house, and this was their primary reason for relocating. Below you’ll see some specific examples:

  • They currently rent and are now ready to buy a home.
  • They need a larger house.
  • They are downsizing to a smaller home.
  • They want a newer home with less maintenance.
  • They want a larger yard.

Family Changes

The second most popular selection is that their family is going through changes. Although divorce was a popular selection, more customers said their kids were growing older, or they have a newborn on the way. Along with everything just mentioned, our customers also said the following:

  • They need to move in with a family member to save money.
  • They are having a baby.
  • They are getting married.
  • They are getting divorced.
  • They are moving out of their parents’ house.
  • The kids just moved out, and they are downsizing.
  • They want to get closer to family.

Job Changes

We initially thought that a change in job status was a very popular reason for moving. Turns out that only about 17% of our customers are moving due to job relocation. We asked our customers some additional questions, and we were able to come up with the following reasons:

  • They got a new job.
  • They got a raise, and want to upgrade their home.
  • They lost their job, and need to downsize.
  • They lost their job and are moving in with family.

If you need to move for any of the above reasons, don’t hesitate to give Moving Ahead Services a call today to get a quick and easy quote on your relocation. We also have a quick quote form to help get the process started! Trust the professionals at Moving Ahead Services to handle all of your moving needs.