What is a Moving Broker?

We are often asked the difference between a moving service provider, such as Moving Ahead Services, and that of a broker. It is a very important distinction to be made and can make a huge difference in the long run.

What is a moving broker? A broker will act as a middleman or liaison and provide information regarding best prices, available dates, and company-specific details. Often contacted by phone or through websites, brokers gather the details on the move and then essentially shop around for the ‘best’ price. Keep in mind that the broker doesn’t work for free and will either up-charge the quote itself or take a commission off of the sale.

At times, the broker may be able to coordinate services quickly and with little to no issue. However, as with any liaison position, things can quickly change and the broker is not in control of either party. If the customer needs to change dates or the moving company needs to update a time, the chain of communication can quickly become an issue. In addition, direct contact information is often withheld, which means confirmation, contract questions, and payment issues can be difficult to decode.

Our best advice is to recommend that you spend the time searching for a moving company instead of a broker to provide the moving company information. Moving Ahead Services is able to answer any and all questions, estimate fair pricing, and offer support with professionals that have completed thousands of residential and office moves.


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