What Factors into Moving Prices?

Moving prices are determined based on a variety of details

Your moving plans are coming together and now you are at the point where you need to find a moving company!  In most scenarios, moving prices are determined based on the amount of items you are moving, the types of items, where you are moving to, as well as many other factors.  Gain a solid understanding, and possibly even trim some costs before you plan your movers!

Moving prices for your household items In some situations, an easy inventory list can give us accurate information to be able to establish the type of truck, how many movers and ultimately how much your move is going to cost.  However, for larger homes and larger moves, a walk through is typically necessary.  Either way, moving prices are dependent on the number of items you are moving, the number of boxes, and the types of each.  This impacts the type and size of moving truck needed for your move!  In addition, heavy furniture and appliances take extra time and planning during a move, as well as potentially extra movers. A great way to save costs is to do an inventory yourself, and anything that you aren’t using – furniture, clothes, toys, etc. – pack it up and donate it.  Keep in mind some companies also charge by the pound, so be sure to get accurate details from your movers during initial conversations!

Distance While it may make the heart grow fonder, it can also impact moving prices on your move!  The distance you are moving from point A to point B factors into your moving quote.  This can also impact the type of truck you can use, as it makes more sense to use the smallest possible size to save on fuel costs!  For long distance moves, laws governing the amount of time that drivers can be on the road are in place for safety – which can also impact the amount of time your move takes.

Other services At Moving Ahead, we offer packing services, cleaning, hauling, storage and other helpful add ons to make your move as smooth as possible.  Bundling services together can be a great way to get a lot done in a small amount of time – let the pros handle it! Many moving companies offer complimentary services that you can add into your moving quote, rather than shopping around separately.

Supplies are essential for a successful move!  Your moving prices may or may not reflect all of the necessary supplies for your move, so take care to read the fine print and ask questions!  At Moving Ahead, we sell boxes, tape, packing paper and other common moving supplies for our customers.  In addition, our moving trucks are stocked with moving pads and blankets, shrink wrap, dollies and straps that we use during your move, at no charge to our customers.

Insurance options are available as part of any professional moving service.  Additional insurance can be purchased for all or part of your household items that will be making the move!  Talk with your Moving Ahead pro to get all of the details and choose an insurance plan that makes sense for you!

Other factors – Depending on the moving company you hire to complete your move, some other factors may come into play with your pricing.  Be extra thorough in your questions and contracts!  Walking distance from parking areas, elevators, stairs, fragiles, furniture assembly and disassembly can all be ‘add-ons’ in some contracts.  A pro will know the right questions to ask based on your neighborhood and home type, but be sure to include any details that you feel may impact the prices on your moving day.  Your final contract should include any add ons, as well as state anything that is included free of charge!

Ask the right questions, get accurate pricing and plan for a successful move!  Give our pros a call today to talk about your moving prices, plans and more. 

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