Vehicle Storage Services

As some of you may already be aware, Moving Ahead Services provides you with reliable storage facilities for safely holding any of your objects before, during, or after your move. When offering these storage services, we also offer vehicle storage services.

Sometimes, having your secondary vehicles put in storage can make the moving process easier by eliminating one more thing to worry about. We can store almost any vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, trailers, or RVs.

There are several benefits to storing your vehicles during your move. For one, your vehicle won’t get in the way as you pack up the rest of your items or take inventory, allowing you more space as you prepare the rest of your belongings and clean out your current home or office. For another, you get the reassurance that your vehicle can’t suffer any damage during the moving process, whether said damage would be caused while loading/unloading or carrying a large object past the vehicle and scratching it.

The storage facilities we work with are all reputable and reliable, offering units in varying shapes and sizes in order to accommodate all sorts of vehicles. These units feature great lighting, gated fences, security cameras, and protection from adverse weather conditions, so you can trust that your vehicles will be safe.

We recommend storing your vehicles if you have any qualms about them being damaged, as such stress and anxiety will only build throughout the relocation process and we don’t want you to risk your health. Our storage facilities are very flexible, great for long or short-term storage, and allow you to access your vehicles at any time. Their prices are also reasonable, working within your budget to keep your vehicle safe so that you can worry about more important things and execute your move without problems.

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