Unpacking Tips

You have survived the move, but the work is not over!

Unpacking tips can be incredibly helpful after the move is over (and to help you pack properly!) and it’s time to get your life and home back in order. Cleaning, organizing and putting items away properly now can save serious headaches and time down the road. Resist the urge to rush through it and get unpacked with these great tips!

Unpacking Tips from the Pros

unpacking tipsTip #1: Rewinding a bit, make sure that your boxes are clearly labeled during the move and ensure that each box is placed in the room to which it belongs in. This will aid in keeping track of all of your household items but also assist movers or helpers to ensuring everything goes to the correct room – Saving time and chaos later!

Tip #2: Have the proper supplies This means cleaning supplies, as well as supplies that will be needed before you can unpack.  This includes liners for cabinets, tools and hardware, etc.

Tip #3 Clean before you start each room If possible, try to clean (and/or paint) your new home or apartment thoroughly before moving in at all!  If you were unable to, have all items placed in the center of the room and clean thoroughly before you unpack. Wipe walls, baseboards and windows.  Clean all appliances, scrub bathrooms and ensure everything is in good shape before unpacking.

Tip #4: Unpack the priority items first During packing and planning stages, it’s a good idea to prioritize and keep important everyday items available.  This includes, clothes, towels, toiletry items, bedding, etc. Start here and unpack priority items first.

Tip #5: Prioritize by Room  – Organize and plan as you go to maximize use of space!


Your kitchen is typically one of the more lengthy packing and unpacking projects you will have.  Before unpacking your kitchen and after cleaning – Make sure you line all cabinets and do any preparatory work. Then plan your kitchen! Decide what items will go in what cupboards, how you want your pantry set up, etc.  Make sure to put away any refrigerated or food items.


Bathrooms are essential in the unpacking process!  Put away all TP, toiletry items, towels, shower essentials and anything else you will need right away. Plan ahead so that you do not need to go back and re-organize later.


Whether you are able to tackle the bedroom completely on day 1 or to at least set up temporary sleeping quarters, get your bed room started to have a place to rest your head at the end of the long day!  Take your time to unpack and put away everything, and stay organized throughout.

Tip #6: Assemble essential furniture Put together all furniture in priority order.  Start with essentials like beds, then move on to kitchen and living spaces. If you have hired movers, they often will provide this service!

Tip #7: Set aside items for storage and plan to handle storage areas last As you pack and unpack, it’s a good time to purge and organize. For items that can go into the storage spaces, designate extra boxes and safely store them with other storage items until you tackle those spaces.

There you have it, unpacking tips to unpack like a pro.  If you need help, schedule our post-move services today. Happy unpacking!