Truck Driving Services

When it comes to hiring a professional moving service, most people’s worries stem from how the movers will get their objects loaded and unloaded in and out of the truck without causing damage. Some people, however, are more concerned about the transportation process, especially when taking part in a long-distance relocation. What if the driver is careful about lifting and carrying your objects but careless about driving? What if the driver has a difficult experience with visibility due to the size of the truck?

You don’t have to worry, however, as the movers who are allowed to drive the trucks transporting your items are insured and have clean driving records, demonstrating that they are able to handle our truck driving services. When we hire our movers, we go over their driving habits and keep a record of which movers are qualified to drive the trucks and which ones will just stick to the other laborious aspects of moving. Then, each mover that we do deem qualified to drive is given strict guidelines to follow while on the road, following a provided tutorial on safe speed, signaling, and merging as it pertains to our trucks. Our drivers are also made very aware of the consequences to expect if they do not follow these guidelines while transporting your items, and their privileges may be revoked should they make high-impact, careless mistakes.

We understand that your possessions are important and that they idea of leaving them in another person’s care can be difficult to process, but you truly can trust the employees of Moving Ahead Services. With our goal being to take away your stress, you can sure as heck bet that we’ll put forth our best efforts to provide you with a safe and successful moving experience, and that includes driving safely when we’re in charge of your belongings.

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