Top Tips to Save Money on Moving

Save Money on Moving

Depending on your plans, and your budget, moving day can be very different from one person to the next! Experienced movers know to ask the full gamut of questions, but if you are hiring a moving company new to the industry, or are trying to troubleshoot your options, this information can take a proverbial load off and help make your move a success for the right price!

Weigh your options

Moving services can encompass everything from full-service packing to simply driving a rental truck across town. This is the beauty of it; it is all up to you! Brainstorm your perfect moving day, and be sure to realistically cover all of the details. Do you have friends or family helping? Can you drive a truck? Can you carry everything safely with the help you have? Will your budget cover packing or just loading services? Having a game plan can be instrumental in allowing you to save money on moving!

Full-service packing and loading includes organizing, safely packing, transporting and unpacking all of your belongings – which may seem like a luxury for some! If that isn’t in the budget, consider what makes sense for you. Often, renting a truck, taking extra time off work and rounding up help and equipment can end up costing more than hiring a moving company in the first place. Most companies will provide a free, non-obligatory quote – take advantage! Any reputable company will gladly walk through all the available options, and work to find solutions that match your needs and your budget.

The devil is in the details

While it may seem counter-intuitive for some, disclosing all of the details of your move up front makes a world of difference! Thinking of sneaking in a pool table or chest freezer? If you don’t tell your movers ahead of time, you could be in for a big surprise and price tag.

Be honest with yourself; consider all of the details that impact how you can save money on moving:

  • How many floors?
  • Is there elevator access?
  • Are you moving unique items
    • Safes
    • Aquariums
    • Pianos
    • Heirlooms / Antiques
    • Artwork
    • Appliances
  • How far are you moving? Are there stops in between (storage, etc.) ?

While it is true that any reputable moving company will staff and take the proper care to protect your items, it is also true that they can’t plan if you don’t disclose! Some items may require special packaging to protect during transport, while heavy items may require extra crew and equipment. This doesn’t always mean a big jump in price! Many companies can arrange for temporary, short term help (adding an extra mover for a portion) to get the job done right. At the end of the day, your move will be more affordable (and pleasant!) if your moving company has all of the information.

Shop the market

In addition to gathering up a hand full of free moving quotes, take a look around for discount deals and promotions! Moving is relatively seasonal, while folks move all year, the summer months tend to be heavier moving months due to local school schedules and better weather in many areas.

To save money on moving, try to plan for ‘off-season’ and move from October – April. Better yet, try to move on a weekday! Mid-week moves will likely nab you a better deal, and give you more time to settle in and adjust.

Lastly, check out your moving company to see if they are offering any package deals or promotional offers, like the Angie’s List Storefront Offers! As always, check all of the details and talk to the company directly to ensure a great fit.

Reduce the stress and price tag of your moving day by following these easy guidelines, and let the pros guide you through the process! Have a list of questions and details ready, and experienced moving companies will spend the time reviewing and providing you with accurate information and custom tips on how you can save even more on your next move!

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