Easy Everyday Apps for Moving

Putting Technology to Work on Your Move

apps for moving

Using apps for moving {and using your phone in general} can make things much easier – and more organized! Technology is definitely a blessing and a curse, but helpful throughout the moving process.  Using easy, everyday apps can be a serious lifesaver before, during and after your move! You couldn’t pay us to rewind the clock to the pre-smart phone days, where everything from a phone call to directions was just not simple. Here is our short list!

Tools and Apps for Moving – Smart Phone, Smart Move!

Planning  Your Move:

Moving is a serious stressor, no matter how you slice it.  There is so much to do, tasks to remember, bills to pay and planning to plan. Your phone was made for this!  Calendar apps, Evernote, and apps to help you organize or clear out clutter can be super helpful.  In addition, your camera can also help you stay organized! Take pictures of what’s in boxes or snap your friends for some comedic relief.

  • Calendar
  • Lists (Notepad, Evernote, etc)
  • Zillow & Real Estate Apps
  • Thred Up – Buy / Sell Apps
  • Camera

During the Big Move:

  • Maps
  • WAZE

This has literally revolutionized the way we can do business in a day!  No more atlas books and endless traffic – Directions and information is literally at your fingertips!  Use it!  Traffic can be a serious headache on moving day.  Keep in mind you may need to accommodate a moving truck and take a new route – Which could have issues to battle.

After Your Move:

  • Uber/Lyft
  • Yelp/ Google Local
  • Tinder / Match / Meetup
  • Angie’s List / Home Advisor
  • Groupon

From exploring your new town to getting a date, meeting new friends or getting something repaired – Your phone can literally do it ALL! Apps can also be a great way to save money on food, drinks, groceries, gifts and more. Take a few minutes before you run errands or schedule a contractor and check out Angie’s List, Groupon, Home Advisor and the likes. You’ll be glad you did!