Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Moving Company

As with many projects, the pros and cons must be weighed out to effectively determine if it is a job best suited as do it yourself, or hire the pros.  Moving is no small feat, even a one-bedroom dorm can turn into a frenzy if ill prepared or just by having general lack of desire to do so. You spoke and we listened, here are the top 10 reasons to hire a professional moving company!

  1. Time:  Packing, dis-assembly, loading, transporting, unloading, re-assembly, etc. can take days to coordinate and complete.  By hiring a full service moving company, a specified number of professionals arrive on the day of your move and complete tasks as detailed in your contract.
  2. Difficulty:  In many instances it may be physically impossible for the individuals involved in the move to complete it themselves.  Heavy and oversize furniture can be impossible for the average individual to move- especially for the elderly and pregnant women.
  3. Supplies:  Skimping on the necessities such as tape, plastic wrap, moving blankets and boxes – can lead to major issues throughout the course of the move.
  4. Distance:  Long distance moving encompasses several additional expenses and requirements-  and in addition to that, timeframes for completion may be very tight if coordinated by an employment organization.
  5. Renting Risks:  Renting a truck can be risky business for a DIY move- operating the large vehicle, as well as the potential for break downs during long distances, can throw a wrench into moving plans.  If a rented vehicle becomes inoperable, it is your responsible to load the items (even on the side of the highway!) into a replacement vehicle.  By hiring a professional the risk is lifted off of your shoulders!
  6. Unique Situations:  We are often called upon in unique circumstances to assist in a seamless transition: whether that be an elderly relative moving to an assisted living facility, or an estate arrangement- even a marriage or divorce-  It is typically helpful to involve a trusted third part service provider.
  7. Moving Tools and Equipment: Dollies, pads, and straps are required to safely complete a move without causing damage to your belongings, or injury to yourself.  These items can be costly to purchase for single use.
  8. Scheduling: Coordinating help from friends and family is difficult in the day and age of busy schedules!  Timelines may be restrictive, and if help becomes unavailable plans can be affected.
  9. Security:  As with any trade, hiring a professional that can plan and predict is always helpful.  Circumstances may arise that an individual would never have known to plan for.  As an experienced provider, our team is able to pre-plan and offer insight for a successful move.
  10. Cost:  At first glance, moving quotes may seem like an unnecessary expense                  during an already costly period of time- However after factoring the cost of tools, the proper equipment (moving trucks), fuel, help and all other contributing factors- a Moving Company’s services can be a practical solution when properly quoted.


For your next move, weigh all of your options-  Our services range from full-service pack and load, to transport only and everything in between!  Our add on services can be a great time saver as well, and when properly budgeting a moving professional can offer priceless help!  Give our pros a call, regardless of how far off your move is on the horizon-  Having the correct information can help you plan for a smooth move!

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