Today’s Real Estate Market

Buying or Selling in Today’s Real Estate Market

Real Estate MarketThe real estate market is booming in Ohio, and it has certainly made for some interesting challenges for our customers, family and friends!

Whether you are trying to buy or sell – It seems we are at a time of extremes on both sides of the fence!

Being prepared will be critical to getting the winning bid – Or selling your home and being ready to move fast!

Buying Right Now

If you are in the market to purchase a home, you need to be ready BEFORE you even start to look! It may sound like a cheer – But seriously, homes are selling fast, fast, fast in the current real estate market!!

  • Be pre-approved!
  • Get a great REALTOR!
  • Get an inspector!
  • Move fast!

In some areas, homes are selling before they ever even officially ‘hit the market’. The power of word of mouth, Zillow and social media have had a profound impact!

Many homes in desirable areas and prices are experiencing multiple offers – Some receiving far more over asking price.

Figure out what you want in a home, what area, and hit the ground prepared!

Selling Your Home

On the other side of the fence, home may sell very quickly! Especially if you are in a desirable area, in that great price point, your home may literally sell overnight!

Be prepared with a plan incase you need a ‘layover’ spot. This can include temporary storage, temporary housing, school changes, etc.

Be prepared for multiple offers – and have a trusted realtor to help guide you through the process! Now is a great time to sell, but it seems the general consensus is to just be ready for the whirlwind!

Real Estate and Relocation Solutions

If you are planning a move, bundle your services and save!  Our customers enjoy great savings on their moves, ask us how to list your home and save!