Tips for Moving Kitchen Items

Tips for Packing Your Kitchen

Packing your kitchen can be one of the most daunting tasks to complete during your relocation. We plan to cover some general kitchen packing tips to help eliminate some of the stress. Packing your kitchen can be time-consuming due to the number of items generally hidden away within your cabinets and drawers. Not to mention, many of these items are very fragile and sometimes expensive. 

Packing Your Food

In general, packing storing and moving your food items is generally not a great idea. Most professional movers will refuse to load any perishable food items into their trucks. (It’s the law) Perishable food items will spoil during transportation and can attract pests and rodents that could potentially damage your other belongings. 

Packing non-perishable food items is not a problem! However, you may want to consider the cost of moving these food items. Often it’s cheaper to re-stock these items new than it is to move your entire pantry. 

We are proud to partner with Move For Hunger, which takes non-perishable food donations for those in need. Learn more about helping Move For Hunger today! 

Packing Your Kitchen Dishware 

Your kitchen dishware is fragile and generally hard to move on its own. We highly recommend utilizing dish pack boxes, and paper pads to help prevent your dishware from breaking and moving around during your move. We recommend sorting all of your dishes first, so you can properly plan for which boxes each item will fit nicely into. Now is the time to toss out any damaged dishware! You can quickly wrap your dishware by placing your dish wrapping material on your kitchen table and wrapping each item individually. You may want to use packing tape to secure your protective wrapping. Finally, make sure that you label your boxes to make it easier to unpack once you arrive at your new home. 

Packing Your Glassware

Packing your glassware will be similar to packing your dishware with a few minor adjustments to ensure safe transport. You’ll want to go through your glassware and throw out any cracked or partially damaged items. You should also plan on padding each box that you intend to house your crystal glassware within. You will need to spread your packing paper out on a flat surface, and wrap each glassware in the packing paper by folding the excess packing paper within the open-end of the glassware. Doing so will help prevent the packing paper from coming loose during transit. We highly recommend filling any empty box space with bubble wrap or additional packing paper. 

Packing pots and pans

If you’ve made it here, you are almost finished packing your kitchen! Packing your pots and pans should be a relatively simple process! First, you’ll want to sort your pots and pans and ensure that any fragile items are separated. Much like your glassware, you’ll want to take two paper pads and wrap the item while packing the excess paper into the opening. Another tip is to pack your smaller pans into your larger ones to save on space. 

If you are overwhelmed or have time constraints on packing your kitchen, you can hire a professional packing and moving company such as Moving Ahead Services. We would be happy to help you pack, move and answer any questions along the way. Feel free to reach out to our office at (877) 643-4044.