Packing Heavy Furniture

Tips for Packing Heavy Furniture

When you’re ready to start packing heavy furniture, you will want to think ahead by following a few simple tips. If you follow these four essential tips, you’ll save yourself a ton of strain and headaches.

Disassemble the items

For large items such as bookshelves, beds, cabinets, dressers, and tables, you’ll want to start by disassembling the prominent large pieces. Doing this will make your moving process much lighter. You may wish to consult manuals to help you properly disconnect the main parts of your furniture.

Protect your items

You should review your furniture items and look for any areas that may be weaker, or may be prone to damage during your relocation. Locate these areas, and try to protect them with paper pads, or bubble wrap. Use packing tape to secure protection and help ease the moving situation.

Wrap it all

You should consider wrapping all your large furniture pieces with quilted moving blankets. Doing so will add an extra cushion of protection for your possessions.

Cover it all

We cannot stress enough the importance of covering all of your high-end possessions with moving blankets and paper pads. Your items will move during transit, and the extra layer of protection will be crucial in preventing your belongings from being damaged.

Finally, you should never attempt to move cumbersome furniture on your own. You should consider hiring a reputable moving company to prevent any damage or injury occurring during your move!

If you have questions surrounding moving unique are large items, do not hesitate to reach out to our professional moving consultants at (877) 643-4044.