Tips for Basement Storage

Oftentimes, a basement can be a huge selling point for a home! Offering extra square footage, storage, and living space, basements are typically a positive selling point. We regularly move customers’ items into and out of basement storage spaces. Basements can be designed for additional living space, often carpeted and even with windows, and some basements are used strictly for storage if they are unfinished or just not a space that would be regularly inhabited. Whether you are renting or purchasing a home with a basement, be sure to follow these tips for basement storage!

Basements can be humid or have moisture. In some older or unfinished basements,  you might discover that there is water breaching in from the outside. Keep your items stored in plastic containers and bins if at all possible to avoid any issue if water enters your basement or if the humidity level causes condensation. These containers are also useful for keeping out spiders and other undesirable visitors that may try to make a home within your stored items. Bins and containers are also easy to move as well as stack and label. It is also a good idea to try and keep items on a raised platform or shelving units. This will most likely keep items protected from an accidental contact or any other sort of damage.

Organize and Label! Just like with moving, storing items in your basement is always easier if you have them organized for easy retrieval later. Holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and other items that are not needed on a daily basis should be grouped together in your chosen storage container and then clearly labeled for easy identification down the line. It’s a good idea to use tape or an actual label to write on to avoid having to rewrite on a container or box several different times.

Oversized items may require careful planning if you are going to use or store them in a basement. Unless there is a walk-out door available, it will be necessary to plan ahead and make sure that couches, exercise equipment, and more will fit down the basement steps and into the area that you desire. As previously mentioned, it is always a good idea to call and ask if you have any doubts on large items and your intended destination for them!

Whether your basement is for living or storage, careful planning can help you maximize the use of the space, especially when you follow our tips for basement storage.