Moving Supplies

The Ultimate Moving Supplies Checklist

An estimated 40 million people change their residence every year, a majority of which remain inside the United States. What might surprise most is that this number is significantly less than in the past. Regardless, and considering the wide range of costs involved in moving, the industry is still well and alive.

You might be wondering: what moving supplies do you need for a clean, easy, and successful move? That’s the first issue many people run into when they make the decision to change their place of residence. Gathering all the right parts and equipment is essential.

If you’re set on heading somewhere new, wherever that may be, you should consider preparing accordingly. The best way to do that is to use this moving supplies guide to ensure you have exactly what you need when it’s time to start packing

Categorize Your Inventory: The First Step

Setting up a checklist for moving supplies requires a prior step. That is, you have to organize your things and put them into different categories. There are various ways to do this. Some people prefer to group items by size. For example, you might keep chairs, tables, bed frames, mattresses, and dressers, in the same group. This is a common and effective approach for corporate relocation.

Other strategies keep transportation in mind. If you require multiple trips, it might be smarter to group up objects so they take up a certain amount of space. Say, for example, you have one medium-sized truck for moving. All of your large furniture won’t fit at the same time. So, you can bundle your tables and chairs with boxes of smaller items. Then you do the same with the bed frames and mattresses.

The goal is to cut up your entire list of objects into approachable pieces. Then you’re ready to start your moving supplies checklist to match the method of transportation and groups of items.

Setting up Your Moving Supplies Checklist

Getting your hands on the best moving supplies requires that you know exactly what you’re transporting. Of course, with the prior step, you already have the information you need. The prior categorization makes it easy to start gathering the right equipment. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll most likely need, and, depending on your items, what might become necessary.

Common Necessary Moving Supplies

In terms of moving supplies tips, most people will need the following supplies for almost any kind of move. These include small to large boxes, divided boxes, bubble wrap, and a few resistant plastic bins. Most importantly, perhaps, make sure you have some tape. Consider shipping, duct, masking, and painter’s tape.

Specialized Moving Supplies

If you have objects that are larger, or more complicated in design, than bed frames, tables, mirrors, and certain sofas, you’ll need specialized moving supplies. This includes resistant gloves, thick rope, felt pads, and large blankets. All of these make it much easier to ensure that the objects stay in place and avoid any serious damage while traveling.

Hitting the Road

In most cases, people use moving supplies to make accommodations for storing objects in trucks for transportation. Some prefer investing a bit more for airfare, a much faster alternative in some cases. Whatever the case, it’s smart to categorize your items and make a list of moving supplies that work for each one.

Contact us if you need some help getting organized before a move, or if you’re looking for a team of expert movers to get the job done right. We’ll guide you every step of the way!