The Anatomy of Your Moving Truck

Have you ever wondered about the anatomy of your moving truck? Moving trucks come equipped with supplies to securely transport your belongings, whether around the corner or across the country.

 Moving Blankets: Available in a variety of sizes, moving blankets help protect items from being scratched or bumped while in the truck. The blankets provide cushioned protection for large or fragile pieces that cannot be packed into a box.

Straps: Packing a truck is a science in and of itself, but it is important that items are secured within the truck. Straps can be used to keep an item in place, whether it be against the back of the truck or the walls.

Wrap: Rolls of plastic wrap are used to secure pieces together, such as a bedframe or dresser drawers. The plastic wrap sticks to itself, but unlike tape, there is no potential damage when it is removed.

Dollies and Carts: Especially helpful for large items, or to speed along the loading and unloading of boxes. Instead of having to carry a large item, it can be loaded onto the dolly or cart and rolled up the ramp. For boxes, most of us can only carry one or two at a time, but a dolly allows for several to be moved at once!

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