Temporary Housing for Long Distance Moves

Tips for Where to Rest Your Head When Your Bed is in Storage

Temporary housing for long distance moves is common, and we have more options than ever before!  Figuring out your plan may be impacted by several factors but the great news is todays’ options have more and more flexibility.

Moving long distance (and sometimes locally) can have a tricky timeline.  Your real estate closing, job demands and even kids’ school may start to dictate the dates and require you to be in your new location or stay longer in your departure city. This used to mean crashing on family, living out of boxes and muddling through until you can complete the move.  There is a better way!

Temporary Housing Options for your Move

In no particular order,  these are some great temporary housing options for your move.

temporary housingAir BNB, Home Away, VRBO, etc.

This is our favorite option today.  Air BNB and similar apps make ‘home away from home’ a reality.  Extended stay rates, full house accommodations and flexibility in location, cost and stays make this a great option!  Air BNB may never replace the classic options completely (Think Uber with the taxi industry)  but it has definitely given us great choices (And can even add a slice of paradise to your move).  We use Air BNB as we travel the country for your move too! You will also be able to keep more of your belongings out of storage, during the transition!

Corporate Housing

Short and long term corporate housing is another flexible option.  Did you know most apartment complexes have at least a few units set aside as temporary housing for corporations in the area?  They do!  Talk to your company, talk to friends, etc and I guarantee you can find an in somewhere.


Hotels and extended stay accommodations can be another great option, but may get pricier quicker.  While convenient, this may still require you to put most of your items in storage.  This is a still a great short term option, but we’d recommend corporate or AIR BNB for anything more than a few days, especially if you are moving with your family!

Family and Friends

What is family for, amiright?!  For many of us, your close friend or a dear family member will let you (and maybe your family) crash for a short time during the transition.  Tread lightly here!  It may be easier and less stressful to budget the extra amount to pay for accommodations, but this may be an option.

Wherever you decide to stay, call the experts for your move!  Moving Ahead Services specializes in long distance moving, serving customers in Ohio and across the US. Get your free estimate today!