Temporarily Moving In With Family

How to Survive (And Even Thrive) Moving in with Family

moving in with familyMoving in with family, or having family move in during a transition period, can be a tough pill to swallow.  While we may joke and poke fun, when push comes to shove and your moving plans get complicated – family is often a common fall back plan. The problem is combining two households, with often two very different expectations. This can lead to chaos!

Even if only for a short period, it is important to consider all aspects of becoming or having a house guest. Nerves and stress levels are already through the roof given the complications and/or details with moving – So this is really the time to slow down and think about things before doing something regrettable. This goes for ALL members of the family!

Tips for Temporarily Moving in with Family

1. Set ground rules. What are the expectations? What are the non-negotiables? What are schedules?

Having a clear plan is the first step to avoiding any animosity. Not discussing who will be responsible for what chores and household duties can be an awkward conversation later! Set clear expectations for who will help out where, and in what capacity. Similarly with schedules, talk about your weekly routine and who needs to be where, when. Lining up to use a single bathroom or two can be a huge pain point.

Don’t wait until frustrations boil over and one person or another feels taken advantage of. Make sure the lines of communication stay open if someone does start to feel frustrated.

2. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, take advantage!

Moving in with your parents? Your in laws? Your siblings? That doesn’t mean they are now an extension of your team! Don’t take advantage of errands, babysitting or other help. Be sure to make this a two way street – You can help each other out while you stay, but don’t make it a habit to take advantage of the situation. This goes for the host as well, do not set unrealistic expectations for your guests. Communicate and figure out a mutually beneficial solution where necessary, if you are going to help one another.

3. Be respectful

Remember, you are a guest! Bite your tongue and pick your battles. This is someone else’s’ home, and for the short time you will be staying there, you may need to put up with some not-so-great habits that do not jive with your normal everyday life. Embrace it! Learn from each other, talk about things and maybe even take away some great life strategies.  For hosts, the same rules apply. The key is communication, if something is truly intolerable for the stay.

4. Be inclusive

While you are a guest or have a guest(s) staying with you, be inclusive with one another! Invite them to plans, and communicate if it is strictly a family matter. This is a great time to strengthen your relationships and show gratitude, but failing to look at everyones’ POV can cause animosity later.

5. Have a clear plan and communicate it

If and when possible, make sure that you are communicating the details of your stay. If things are yet to be determined, share that simple fact! Don’t make your host continue guessing. Plan to store your items off site unless previously discussed, and make sure your closing/construction/general delay is managed appropriately.

Unless their is a psychic in the family, it is important to share the information up front, and as things transpire. Be considerate of their generosity (and don’t overstay your welcome!).

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