Staging Tips for Real Life

Don’t Break the Bank While Staging Your Home

Staging tips come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges – Many top 10 HGTV style lists require an extensive carpentry background, an unlimited budget and a savvy design eye.  This simply is not practical for many of us!  Having a realistic expectation of your staging budget along with a great list of low cost / no cost staging tips can go a long way.

staging tips

8 Practical Staging Tips for your Home

  1. Natural / Great Light – Try to maximize your lighting! Pin back room darkening shades, and uncover those windows. For your light bulbs, most home styles benefit from a warm light versus a crisp sterile bulb color.
  2. Great smells / Get rid of pet odors, etc.  Don’t overwhelm your home with the smell of baked cookies, but also don’t let folks know it is trash day!  Stick to fresh scents that rival the smell of clean laundry, kitchen lemon, etc.  Eliminate any pet smells, musty odors, etc.
  3. Hide the mementos and clutter! Pack up most pictures and try to give your home a welcoming touch without being to personal.  Think of a boutique hotel-style decor! Get a jump start on packing too. Put items you don’t need in storage and pack up any junk!
  4. Make storage as functional as possible (and pretty!) Transform closets, cabinets and even space that visible under tables, etc. by making use of baskets and storage you already own our scrounge up some bargain deals at TJ MAXX, etc. Storage is a huge selling point and also goes a long way to organize and make things visually appealing.
  5. Repurpose space… Have a play room that would be a great office?  Remember, these sacrifices are {ideally} only temporary.  While it may seem like a nightmare to pack up the playroom – An office may sell your home!  Along the same school of thought, just try to stick to practicality and keep a neutral plan.
  6. Act natural! Home staging has become so over done.  Do not set the table, do not iron the towels and do not mock up breakfast in bed.  Save your time and energy and make your home thoughtful and welcoming.
  7. Basic deep cleaning is an essential.  No ifs, ands or buts.  You MUST clean your home (or hire someone to do it). Floor to ceiling, top to bottom.
  8. Updates (within budget and reason) new fixtures, new cabinet hardware, new counters, etc. IF YOU HAVE IT, budget to update a priority list of items.  Don’t remodel your entire home! After all, you are selling it! Stick to your plan and focus on the items that would really matter.  Invite some friends over for feedback and try to be thrifty with your purchases.

Stage your home so well, that you may fall in love with it all over again yourself!