Spring Moving Plans

Moving Plans for the Busy Season

Packing ServicesMarch unofficially kicks off the peak season here at Moving Ahead Services!  While the busiest months are typically from June – September, March sees an increase in moves coming out of the holidays and early start to the year. For many, this can mean your move may need to take some special timeline considerations in mind! Keep your moving plans on track and get settled in this Spring.

Planning Your Move from March to June

During true peak season, it may be necessary to plan as far as 4-6 weeks in advance of your move.  From right now until June, our pros suggest gathering quotes and scheduling 2-3 weeks ahead of your planned moving date if possible.  This can allow you to get your preferred moving date and time, despite the increase in moving activity across the industry. Unforeseen changes may make this difficult, but don’t hesitate to call our experts – We will find a way!

Moving Plans and Key Factors

Keep in mind this time of year moving plans can quickly see changes in the weather, as well as run into holiday travel and school vacations.  Easter weekend may see an influx in traffic on the roads, and school breaks for kids can mean increased travel and plans as well. The increase in travel may make taking time off of work difficult, and ultimately make your move stressful!

While long weekends and school vacation days can be a great time to move, it can also complicate your plans.  Our dedicated planning team will help you choose a date that fits your schedule and your timeline. Start with your free moving quote online, or call us direct!  Moving is an exciting time, and having the experts on your side ensures you can enjoy the experience.