Spring Cleaning – Our Top 5 List

Moving or Not, Spring Cleaning is a Great Idea

Spring CleaningSpring cleaning is a time for celebration! For the neurotic cleaner that lives in many of us, spring cleaning can serve a variety of purposes.

When you are planning a move this year, it can be a great proactive step.

If you are simply looking to organize, clean and de-clutter, then tackling your task list this time of year is a great plan as well. Here are our top 5 Spring cleaning tasks to tackle before moving. Get your home in order before the weather breaks!

Spring Cleaning – Clean and prep for your upcoming move

  1. Clean out the clutter
  2. Organize closets, cupboards – donate!
  3. Deep clean – walls, windows, etc.
  4. Clean carpet, upholstery, floors and rugs
  5. Stage for success

The best plan of attack is to go through, room by room.  If you have to, schedule time with your husband/wife, daughter/son etc to tackle their rooms together.  Whatever it takes!  Breaking the tasks up into manageable segments is the easiest way.


Spring cleaning is a great time to tackle clutter.  When in doubt, throw it OUT! If you haven’t used it, don’t need it or otherwise can part ways – Get rid of it.  Having clutter makes routine cleaning more difficult, can hide pests and is just a general pain.  Donate unwanted clothes, decor, kitchen items and more.  Every neighborhood has countless organizations that will graciously accept!


Closets, cupboards and other hidden areas are often catch-alls.  Many of us are guilt of that toss and slam, the famous move where we just continue to hide junk and pile it up.  Often, we don’t do anything about it until the entire pile spills out – So take a proactive approach!  Organize and pitch / donate anything you don’t need.  Repurpose baskets and containers, move items where they will be stored more functionally – Handle it all now, so you can enjoy the nice weather outside this Summer!

Deep Cleaning

The best and worst part of our task list, the dreaded deep clean.  If done right, you typically will only have to truly deep clean once a year.  This is beneficial for a variety of reasons!

  • Wipe down walls, doors, baseboards, trim and ceilings
  • Scrub grout and deep clean bathrooms (Reseal grout if needed)
  • Clean blinds and window treatments
  • Wash window exteriors and doors, clean screens
  • Clean inside appliances (And behind them)
  • Wash light fixtures and fans

Flooring and Upholstery

It may only last a day, but having clean floors and clean furniture is a glorious feeling!  Whether you plan to DIY or need to schedule help, this is a HUGE spring clean task.

  • Clean upholstered furniture / Vacuum thorough
  • Clean and seal leather
  • Clean carpeting
  • Clean rugs and under rugs
  • Hand clean and polish wood floors

Stage for Success

Moving and staging go hand in hand, but staging your home can also serve pretty functional purposes!  When we stage a home, we try to follow design best practices to make it visually appealing, while maximizing the space and limiting clutter.  VOILA! Whether you are moving or not, our staging tips can be a great refresh for any room!