Smooth Move

Smooth Move: Reducing Stress When Moving

We are often asked the secrets of conducting a smooth move, and, more importantly, of reducing stress during a typically chaotic period. One of the biggest recommendations we can make to our customers and friends for a smooth move is to be organized and think ahead. Whether you are choosing full-service moving and packing, labor-only services, or even transportation, it can often feel like you need an assistant to get everything accomplished. As soon as a moving date is chosen, or even a moving week, it is important to begin putting the wheels into motion. Waiting until the last moment can often lead to exhaustion and stress, which surely we would all like to keep to a minimum!

Begin packing items that you are not using daily, such as seasonal clothing, specialty kitchenware, extra linens, and outdoor items just to name a few. Starting with these will let you begin slowly and keep organized while doing so. Label the boxes, sort through drawers, and donate items that you just don’t need anymore.

Use a bank statement or another form of tracking monthly items and begin comprising a list of companies that need to be contacted: your bank, credit cards, utilities, health and car insurance, or anything that will require an account update and not a simple mail forwarding service. Be sure to visit the USPS site as well, as they often offer special coupons and information when you set up mail forwarding.

Utilize a calendar or even an Excel spreadsheet to help you stay on track for the weeks leading up to your move. Plan out appointments, tasks, and updates that need to take place so that items can be crossed off or added as time goes on. Keep a folder to have all of the paperwork in one place, which is beneficial before, during, and even after your smooth move is completed.

Although stress is not altogether avoidable, with preparation and organization, it can definitely be brought to a minimum. The more that you get accomplished in the early stages, the less there is to worry about down the line when the unexpected pops up, increasing your chances for a smooth move.

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